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You can save thousands on your bank charges by choosing a good bank account. Nowadays, almost all people have a bank account because most of them get paid for it. Last but not least, it can make your life a lot easier as it can handle many payment processes. Opening a bank account is not a complicated process these days. More and more banks can open a bank account online. Applying for a bank account consists of three steps. First, you need to select the account package by assessing your needs, then entering the necessary details, and finally going to the branch and signing the contract. You have 30 days from the receipt of the claim to sign the contract.


Be very careful when choosing a bank account

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As you can throw thousands out the window if you make the wrong decision. Even with average income and account usage habits, there can be a big difference between bank account costs. Banks often offer different discounts when opening a bank account. It is important to consider not only the costs of the grace period, but also the following year. At the moment, you can find offers where the terms are very favorable and even where the bank pays the customer in the first year. This may cause the cost of banking to be negative in the first period, as the credit from your bank will cover your account fees.


It is also very important what the bank expects in exchange for discounts.

What monthly credits and transactions must be completed to qualify for the discounts. It is worth taking advantage of these promotions, even if they are only for a year or two. If the favorable conditions expire, it is advisable to look for a new bank. Switching banks is not a complicated process, it is worth it as you can save thousands every month. Simplified bank switching can help, and you have almost nothing to do, as the two banks take care of everything.


Before choosing a bank account

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You need to think about how you spend your money, which is how you use your account package. A bank statement can help with this because it gives you an accurate picture of your monthly spend. Based on this, you will be able to choose the most favorable account package. You need to review what services are set up, how much you use them, and don’t pay for them unnecessarily. What throws you the most at account management fees is the SMS notification. It is recommended that you confine yourself to security SMS only. Maintaining an embossed card or a partner card can cost a lot, so consider how much you need. The full cost of banking should be taken into account when choosing an invoice as the service may be sold by the bank as part of a service plan and may already have a cost.


It is important that you do not just look at the offer of the banks that are known or are advertised. It is worth checking out on the Internet as it can save you a lot of time. If you have opted for a credit institution, find out in advance what documents are required to open an account and take them with you. To avoid the long wait, check with the closest branch office or book an appointment in advance. You can do this online or over the phone.


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Low Retirement Pensioners Loans – Payday Loans /low-retirement-pensioners-loans-payday-loans/ /low-retirement-pensioners-loans-payday-loans/#respond Thu, 12 Sep 2019 02:29:42 +0000 Continue Reading]]>

Croatia has about 1.2 million pensioners, which means that 1.5 million employees fill the pension fund. It is no wonder, then, that our retirees barely make ends meet. More and more workers, fearing they will not be able to survive, are delaying their retirement. And the constant shaking of the pension fund doesn’t sound promising either. More exposition at

Pensions are decreasing every year, with an average of only HRK 2317, which is not nearly enough to cover basic living expenses. Almost a quarter of pensioners receive around HRK 1,500 a month, and even more devastating is the fact that they often live alone in the household. As long as food and utilities are paid, there is almost nothing left to live for. And so every month. Many of them are forced to move with their children because they are unable to survive month after month.

Banks have not yet recognized clients in low-retirement retirees

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However, some are not ready to leave their home and decide to take out a loan. However, loans for low-pensioners are not widely available. Many banking institutions do not consider retirees as desirable clients as they pose too much risk. Most banks have a loan approval limit, which means that if the pension is less than the limit, retirees cannot get a loan. The banks see an excessive risk of them not repaying their debts, but they do not realize that pensioners are looking for smaller sums of money that are easily repaid and do not represent as much of a burden.

Banks typically offer a range of retirement loans characterized by lower interest rates, fixed interest rates and even shorter repayment periods. But this is intended for those with a larger pension. Loans for pensioners with small pensions have not yet found their place, although the majority of Croatian pensioners fall into this category.

Credit houses have introduced special loans for low-retirement pensioners

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Loans for retirees with low pensions are available on loan. They are much more flexible in this regard and the amount of the pension does not play a role. The goal of this type of service is to provide equal opportunities to all regardless of the amount of income. The most important thing is that the potential client has regular incomes and regularly settles their debts. Most often, smaller amounts of money are borrowed, so not all the paperwork inherent in the Croatian bureaucracy is required.

Up to the credit for low-income retirees without leaving home

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Credit for retirees with small pensions can be obtained from the comfort of their own home, which is often difficult and difficult for older people. The application is submitted online, and if it sounds complicated, having any one in the household can help. Documentation should include a copy of your ID and checking account. If it is a smaller sum of money, then in a sufficient number of documents, if it is a larger sum of money, it is necessary to enclose a pension list excerpt.

Loans for pensioners with small pensions, if the required documentation is complete, will be paid within 24 hours of applying. And time is crucial especially in unpredictable and emergency situations when you are considering whether you have the money to survive the month or not.

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Ideas of personal projects and how to finance them /ideas-of-personal-projects-and-how-to-finance-them/ /ideas-of-personal-projects-and-how-to-finance-them/#respond Tue, 10 Sep 2019 05:52:19 +0000 Continue Reading]]>

Everyday stress can deplete us more than we think, which is why many people decide to undertake small personal projects that help them clear their mind and, in many cases, also increase their knowledge, productivity and even income.

When it comes to starting a new activity, you should keep in mind that it is not necessary to spend millions of pesos on it. Actually, just choose something that we like and see how to turn it into something we can afford. If you need ideas, pay attention to these 5 options:


Learn a language

japanese handwriting

Even if you don’t believe it, learning a language is also liberating, allows us to make new friends and even opens the door to more opportunities.


Try some craft

Make cushions, candles or even knit. Crafts are sources of relaxation and it is best that as you improve, you can start selling those products.


Cooking classes

Cooking classes

How about learning to cook something healthy? What if you try vegan food? The options are thousands, you can search for tutorials on YouTube or Instagram – there are many – or register directly in a workshop.


Prepare desserts for sale

Prepare desserts for sale

If you are also looking to generate extra income and like baking, having a ‘Sunday of desserts’, it would not hurt. You can prepare cupcakes, cakes and / or chocolates, and sell them among your friends, work colleagues, etc. If you do it once a month, you will see that you earn more income than you think.


Learn a sport

Learn a sport

It is proven that the sport releases endorphins, the happiness hormone. Have you always been interested in learning to box? Well, it’s time to do it. The options are many and more than an expense, it is an investment.

But if the question is, how do I finance it? You can take into account the following: The financial product that was created to finance this type of personal projects is the investment credit, since as its name mentions, it is not necessary to justify what it will be used for. The interest rate will depend on the bank you are looking for, so it is best to compare the alternatives before choosing.

You know, if you need the money to start with any of these projects, you can borrow it and return it month by month. Mind you, be careful with being late.

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Things You Shouldn’t Use Fast Credit For Seratum /things-you-shouldnt-use-fast-credit-for-seratum/ /things-you-shouldnt-use-fast-credit-for-seratum/#respond Mon, 19 Aug 2019 05:33:35 +0000 Continue Reading]]>

Short-term Seratum loans are extremely convenient and useful when you need a little more money quickly, but they should only be used in certain circumstances, such as emergencies and take advantage of time-limited offers that will work more expensive if you were waiting for your next paycheck.

But there are some situations where a short-term loan is not appropriate. Here are 10 things we recommend customers do not use short-term credit for:




Gambling is not a reliable way to make money. Gambling power lending is extremely risky and definitely irresponsible.

The worlds of finance and gambling share several characteristics: There can be big risks and big gains in both. They also share similar pitfalls. If you like to bet, you are probably familiar with the “gambler’s delusion” – the idea that you are betting more and more, but the elusive victory is slipping your hair. Gambling is a 100% chance with no guarantees. In the world of finance and investment, this rule also applies to “lost loss” – an investment that, no matter what happens in the future, can never be returned, even if you invest more and more …

Short-term gambling financing can never be a justifiable solution given the likely outcome. Swallow your losses and move away from the table.



While gambling is perceived negatively, investing money is generally seen as a useful and sensible way to make money. But both involve the same risks and pitfalls. In both cases, no short-term loan should be taken to invest when there is no guaranteed return. Investments usually take a long time to make a profit – much longer than a 30 day loan. A better way to raise investment funds is to save, or through a more traditional, longer-term bank loan.


Financing a life of a high standard


Media and popular personalities are responsible to today’s society. Many people strive to lead the lifestyle they see on television, magazines and online. The main difference is that a celebrity who goes to the best restaurants, nightclubs and wears the best clothes can do it because he can afford it or not have to pay for it everywhere. Taking a short-term loan to try to emulate this lifestyle can be fun in the short term, but when it comes time to pay off the loan, it’s just not worth it.


Extravagant purchases

This is just one bargain if you really need it. If you don’t have the spare money to afford brand new TVs, branded clothes, or the latest smartphones, then don’t expect fast-loan companies to buy them for you.




Short term loans are great if you want to buy something that is on offer today and tomorrow will not be discounted. If you don’t have the money right now but want to take advantage of the discount, there is nothing wrong with using a quick online loan. However, you should do this if you are sure that you will be able to cover your obligations by your due date. If you use short-term credit as a means of financing your vacation because you cannot afford one, then you will soon find yourself in financial trouble and with a pretty expensive tan in the long run!



The obligation to spend money on birthday gifts can be stressful if you do not have the money. Expectations for Christmas can make many of us anxious. But if you can’t afford to buy expensive gifts, don’t borrow money to buy them. You are the ones who are left with debt. Real friends and loved ones will not care about how much you spent on them, whether you bought something cheaper, or even better, gave them something you made yourself. If you’re worried about giving something cheaper than what you get, then tell your friends and family that you won’t be spending a lot of money on gifts this year, so they don’t have to spend a lot of time choosing and of yours. Best set a limit on the maximum amount you will give for gifts and share it with others.


Signing a contract

Paying loans to family and friends

Signing contracts for ongoing financial obligations, such as mobile phones, television or broadband, is something that should definitely not be used for a short-term loan. However, if this is a deal that will save you money in the long run, then you might consider borrowing to pay for the first month to maturity, but you should never rely on short-term lending to pay the bills you on a monthly basis. Borrowing each month to pay the same bill would lead to a cycle that can be extremely difficult to break. Only sign a contract if you are confident in your ability to pay each month.


Paying loans to family and friends

At the risk of sounding cold hearted, it is better to owe money to your family or friends than to be a lender. When taking a short-term loan, you enter into a legal contract – if you are unable to pay, an escalation may occur, which could affect your credit rating and your ability to lend in the future, and possibly even legal action. If you are having trouble paying your debts to friends or family, the consequences for your relationship may be negative, but it will most likely be much easier to determine than the consequences of not paying the lender.


Avoiding late payment or unplanned overdraft fees

Repayment of another short-term loan

Taking a short-term loan to avoid problems with your bank may seem like a good idea, but you need to do more serious research first.


Repayment of another short-term loan

Don’t take out a loan to pay off another loan. The amount you owe will never decrease and you will eventually owe even more. If you are unable to pay off your loan to a lender, call your lender immediately to discuss your options.

After all, it’s your decision to take a short-term loan and what you plan to use it for. Just remember that every type of debt has to be taken seriously and you only need to borrow it when absolutely necessary and you can commit to paying it off.

Fast Seratum loans are of two types – payday loan and installment loan. You can borrow from 50 to 2000 levs. You apply for an ID card only, approval is within a few minutes.

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How is the vehicle insurance premium paid? /how-is-the-vehicle-insurance-premium-paid/ /how-is-the-vehicle-insurance-premium-paid/#respond Sun, 11 Aug 2019 23:13:19 +0000 Continue Reading]]>

The insurance premium is the price that the insured pays the insurance company for the coverage it has acquired. This is calculated based on the type of coverage chosen as well as the year of the car and whether it is new or used.

It should not be more than twice your salary, because the higher it is, there is a greater possibility of borrowing and that makes the bank can begin to see you as a risk.

The value of the premium is established by the insurer

The value of the premium is established by the insurer

And can be paid in different ways: The least usual is that of a single payment since most drivers prefer to pay the insurance in installments. Then there is the periodic premium, which is paid for the duration of the coverage, that is, in installments for one year. And finally, the fractional premium is paid in a certain number of installments and that are not necessarily equal to the duration of the coverage. For example: three installments, six installments.

Everything will depend on the insurance you buy

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Since the insurers themselves establish in how many installments can be paid. Before choosing, be sure to compare between the different insurers to see which one offers you the best deal. For that, compare all the options quickly . It is very important that if you decide on this option, choose the credit that offers you the greatest benefits and the lowest rates, as well as prepayment possibilities. Use the Verlyderowel Fleirdosas credit comparator , see all the options for yourself and request the one that suits you best.

Even if the credit line is high, it does not mean that you should use it all. Set a fixed amount of spending and respect it, that will help you keep track of how many times you use the card to pay. Finally, if the credit line that the bank granted you seems very high, you can request a reduction, and thus be more sure not to overdo it.

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Non-life insurance what the insurance covers and terms from the insurance company – Payday Loans /non-life-insurance-what-the-insurance-covers-and-terms-from-the-insurance-company-payday-loans/ /non-life-insurance-what-the-insurance-covers-and-terms-from-the-insurance-company-payday-loans/#respond Tue, 23 Jul 2019 13:31:01 +0000 Continue Reading]]>

Non-life insurance is the insurance of things and objects we surround ourselves with. Examples of this could be the house, the car, the cabin and more safety rules.
The insurance companies set certain conditions that we must all fulfill. For example, we must lock the car or lock the house when you are away from home. Smoke detectors are required. Buildings must always be heated to prevent frostbite. There are different safety regulations for each insurance.

Failure to follow the safety regulations may result in reduced compensation.

Failure to follow the safety regulations may result in reduced compensation.

If the insurance company wants to reduce the amount of the compensation, they are obliged to give us written notice of this.
It is important to find the best insurance solution, tailored to your needs. This cannot be solved simply by creating price lists, which show which insurance company is the cheapest.

There is not one company that is the cheapest for everyone.

There is not one company that is the cheapest for everyone.

There are too many factors that affect the price that it is possible to provide a price list that applies to everyone. Among the factors that may affect the price are the district, age, gender, safety equipment, deductible, earned bonus, total customer discounts, length of the period without injury, etc. In practice there will be an infinity of prices. Every man – his prize, is the motto. Therefore, you do not get out of the job of obtaining price offers. And you must also learn to be prepared to study the terms in each case.

The agreement with the insurance company is essential.


The insurance contract consists of many elements. The insurance certificate tells you what is insured and what type of insurance is agreed. The insurance company will give a description of the insurance you have purchased. There are also safety regulations and liability restrictions. Special terms are the special terms that are linked to the individual insurance, which can be extensions and additions. General terms and conditions describe which laws and regulations apply to all insurance policies. Among other things, the Insurance Contracts Act will protect you against unfair terms.

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Save furnishing | Request up to € 750 in 15 minutes /save-furnishing-request-up-to-e-750-in-15-minutes/ /save-furnishing-request-up-to-e-750-in-15-minutes/#respond Sun, 14 Jul 2019 00:07:16 +0000 Continue Reading]]>

Furnishing a house, a chalet or an apartment is something that has happened to all of us at some point, either because you become independent, because your family increases or because you change your home. Furnishing a house can leave us in ruins if we do not know clearly what we want, what we need for our home and above all, how much money we have at the time to decorate.

We have noted some tips on how to furnish our house for little money that we want to share and we must take into account:

The first thing is to make a list of the furniture that we want or need

The first thing is to make a list of the furniture that we want or need

with the measures they can have and how we would like them to be: styles, designs, brands, designers …

Make a budget: how much money do we have to invest in our furniture? We will have to try not to exceed this budget.

Make a list by priorities: What we need more urgently and what we need less, those things not so necessary that we can postpone your purchase a couple of months.

Get ready to buy or leave stores

See all furniture and decoration stores to compare prices, see offers, exhibitions, take some economic ideas and assess if there are discounts on any of the items.

Search in second-hand stores: we must not give up what we want. Second-hand stores are an excellent option when it comes to finding furniture, design items and things for our house at a lower price and in very good condition.

Spend some time at the computer to visit the online stores that sell furniture and interior design and decoration items. There are numerous websites that sell furniture and decorative items. They also offer very good offers and very good ideas if you are still not sure how to decorate any space. In general, the internet is a good price comparison, search, look, find and compare. If you are interested in buying it, the item will come home and you will have a return period in case you do not fit the measures or do not like it.

Do not discard the idea of ​​making furniture

Do not discard the idea of ​​making furniture

Where you make custom furniture, for example for a dressing room or to make a built-in closet, do not forget to go to factories and carpentry.

Design our own furniture: we must dare to design the furniture that we like and need. There are many websites with videos and tutorials to make furniture, where you learn step by step how to glue a chair or upholster a sofa, among others. You can also use the famous pallets that are so fashionable to make furniture at home, or garden or make sofas for the terrace. Get to work!

The most important thing in this post is to know that, we can save and reduce the costs of furnishing our house, taking the time to look for the price, the offer, the idea of ​​that furniture we need, without having to pay a money for it.

Do not stop dreaming … What there is, what to look for and find!

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