How is the vehicle insurance premium paid?

The insurance premium is the price that the insured pays the insurance company for the coverage it has acquired. This is calculated based on the type of coverage chosen as well as the year of the car and whether it is new or used.

It should not be more than twice your salary, because the higher it is, there is a greater possibility of borrowing and that makes the bank can begin to see you as a risk.

The value of the premium is established by the insurer

The value of the premium is established by the insurer

And can be paid in different ways: The least usual is that of a single payment since most drivers prefer to pay the insurance in installments. Then there is the periodic premium, which is paid for the duration of the coverage, that is, in installments for one year. And finally, the fractional premium is paid in a certain number of installments and that are not necessarily equal to the duration of the coverage. For example: three installments, six installments.

Everything will depend on the insurance you buy

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Since the insurers themselves establish in how many installments can be paid. Before choosing, be sure to compare between the different insurers to see which one offers you the best deal. For that, compare all the options quickly . It is very important that if you decide on this option, choose the credit that offers you the greatest benefits and the lowest rates, as well as prepayment possibilities. Use the Verlyderowel Fleirdosas credit comparator , see all the options for yourself and request the one that suits you best.

Even if the credit line is high, it does not mean that you should use it all. Set a fixed amount of spending and respect it, that will help you keep track of how many times you use the card to pay. Finally, if the credit line that the bank granted you seems very high, you can request a reduction, and thus be more sure not to overdo it.

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