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Croatia has about 1.2 million pensioners, which means that 1.5 million employees fill the pension fund. It is no wonder, then, that our retirees barely make ends meet. More and more workers, fearing they will not be able to survive, are delaying their retirement. And the constant shaking of the pension fund doesn’t sound promising either. More exposition at http://wadesigns.org

Pensions are decreasing every year, with an average of only HRK 2317, which is not nearly enough to cover basic living expenses. Almost a quarter of pensioners receive around HRK 1,500 a month, and even more devastating is the fact that they often live alone in the household. As long as food and utilities are paid, there is almost nothing left to live for. And so every month. Many of them are forced to move with their children because they are unable to survive month after month.

Banks have not yet recognized clients in low-retirement retirees

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However, some are not ready to leave their home and decide to take out a loan. However, loans for low-pensioners are not widely available. Many banking institutions do not consider retirees as desirable clients as they pose too much risk. Most banks have a loan approval limit, which means that if the pension is less than the limit, retirees cannot get a loan. The banks see an excessive risk of them not repaying their debts, but they do not realize that pensioners are looking for smaller sums of money that are easily repaid and do not represent as much of a burden.

Banks typically offer a range of retirement loans characterized by lower interest rates, fixed interest rates and even shorter repayment periods. But this is intended for those with a larger pension. Loans for pensioners with small pensions have not yet found their place, although the majority of Croatian pensioners fall into this category.

Credit houses have introduced special loans for low-retirement pensioners

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Loans for retirees with low pensions are available on loan. They are much more flexible in this regard and the amount of the pension does not play a role. The goal of this type of service is to provide equal opportunities to all regardless of the amount of income. The most important thing is that the potential client has regular incomes and regularly settles their debts. Most often, smaller amounts of money are borrowed, so not all the paperwork inherent in the Croatian bureaucracy is required.

Up to the credit for low-income retirees without leaving home

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Credit for retirees with small pensions can be obtained from the comfort of their own home, which is often difficult and difficult for older people. The application is submitted online, and if it sounds complicated, having any one in the household can help. Documentation should include a copy of your ID and checking account. If it is a smaller sum of money, then in a sufficient number of documents, if it is a larger sum of money, it is necessary to enclose a pension list excerpt.

Loans for pensioners with small pensions, if the required documentation is complete, will be paid within 24 hours of applying. And time is crucial especially in unpredictable and emergency situations when you are considering whether you have the money to survive the month or not.

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