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Non-life insurance is the insurance of things and objects we surround ourselves with. Examples of this could be the house, the car, the cabin and more safety rules.
The insurance companies set certain conditions that we must all fulfill. For example, we must lock the car or lock the house when you are away from home. Smoke detectors are required. Buildings must always be heated to prevent frostbite. There are different safety regulations for each insurance.

Failure to follow the safety regulations may result in reduced compensation.

Failure to follow the safety regulations may result in reduced compensation.

If the insurance company wants to reduce the amount of the compensation, they are obliged to give us written notice of this.
It is important to find the best insurance solution, tailored to your needs. This cannot be solved simply by creating price lists, which show which insurance company is the cheapest.

There is not one company that is the cheapest for everyone.

There is not one company that is the cheapest for everyone.

There are too many factors that affect the price that it is possible to provide a price list that applies to everyone. Among the factors that may affect the price are the district, age, gender, safety equipment, deductible, earned bonus, total customer discounts, length of the period without injury, etc. In practice there will be an infinity of prices. Every man – his prize, is the motto. Therefore, you do not get out of the job of obtaining price offers. And you must also learn to be prepared to study the terms in each case.

The agreement with the insurance company is essential.


The insurance contract consists of many elements. The insurance certificate tells you what is insured and what type of insurance is agreed. The insurance company will give a description of the insurance you have purchased. There are also safety regulations and liability restrictions. Special terms are the special terms that are linked to the individual insurance, which can be extensions and additions. General terms and conditions describe which laws and regulations apply to all insurance policies. Among other things, the Insurance Contracts Act will protect you against unfair terms.

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