2021-22 NCAA Winter Sports Calendar


The NCAA winter sports season is underway. A few sports and championships have seen their 2020-21 schedule changed due to COVID-19. Everything will return to a more normal schedule for the 2021-22 season.

Winter sports season has started this fall for a few: all divisions of swimming and diving, women’s NC ice hockey, men’s DI ice hockey, NC bowling and NC rifle all started in September and October.

With the start of new seasons, many will be looking to reach the top of the mountain in their respective sports. A few will try to repeat as champions. Most notable include Baylor Men’s Basketball (DI), Stanford Women’s Basketball (DI), Men’s Texas Swimming and Diving (DI), and Queens Swimming and Diving (NC) (DII ), a program that seeks to win seven NCAA titles in a row.

Other notable teams are mentioned in the table below to help indicate the start of the season for their respective sport.

Here is the NCAA winter sports calendar for 2021-22.

Men’s basketball DI November 9 April 4 New Orleans, Louisiana
Men’s basketball DII 12 november March 26 Evansville, Indiana
Men’s basketball DIII 12 november March 19 Fort Wayne, Indiana
DI Women’s basketball November 9 April 3 Minneapolis, Minnesota
DII Women’s Basketball 12 november March 25 Birmingham, Alabama
Women’s basketball DIII 12 november March 19 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
CN bowling pins October 1st April 15-16 Columbus, Ohio
CN fence End of October March 24-27 Notre-Dame, Indiana
NC Men’s Gymnastics Early January April 15-16 Normand, Oklahoma
NC Women’s Gymnastics Michigan – January 6 April 14-16 Fort Worth, Texas
DI Men’s Ice Hockey October 2 April 9 Boston, Massachusetts
Men’s Ice Hockey DIII 29 october March 26 Lake Placid, New York
NC female ice hockey September 18 March 18-20 Park, Pennsylvania
Women’s Ice Hockey DIII 29 october March 18-20 To be determined
NC rifle Kentucky – October 9 March 11-12 Raleigh, North Carolina
NC Ski Early January March 9-12 Park City, Utah
DI Swimming & Diving Men Texas – October 8 March 23-26 Atlanta, Georgia
DI Swimming and Diving for Women Virginie – October 9 March 16-19 Atlanta, Georgia
DII M&W Swimming & Diving Queens (NC) – Sep 30 March 9-12 Greensboro, North Carolina
DIII M&W Swimming & Diving Denison – October 15 March 16-19 Indianapolis, Indiana
DI Indoor Athletics Men Early January March 11-12 Birmingham, Alabama
DI Indoor Athletics for Women Arkansas – January 16 March 11-12 Birmingham, Alabama
DII Men’s Indoor Athletics Ashland – December 4 March 11-12 Pittsburgh, Kansas
DII Women’s Indoor Athletics Grand Valley Street – December 3 March 11-12 Pittsburgh, Kansas
Men’s Indoor Athletics DIII North Central (Illinois) – December 3 March 11-12 Winston-Salem, North Carolina
Women’s Indoor Athletics DIII Early January March 11-12 Winston-Salem, North Carolina
DI Men’s wrestling November, 1st March 17-19 Detroit, Michigan
Male wrestling DII November, 1st March 11-12 St. Louis, Missouri
Men’s Wrestling DIII November, 1st March 11-12 Cedar Rapids, Iowa

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