5 best structures to build underwater in Minecraft


Building underwater is one of the most tedious tasks in Minecraft. However, it is also one of the most rewarding types of builds in the game. Players should use certain enchantments like Aqua Affinity, Respiration and Depth Strider to facilitate their underwater construction experience.

Here are some of the most attractive and useful underwater constructions in Minecraft that players can try out for themselves.

Top 5 underwater constructions in Minecraft

5) Underwater rail

An underwater rail system (Image via pinterest)
An underwater rail system (Image via pinterest)

An underwater rail system in Minecraft is a convenient mode of transportation. Players can speed up their underwater expeditions and reduce travel time. The use of a motorized rail will be necessary for speed in this construction. Motorized rails can be activated and operated using redstone torches. An underwater rail system will save players a lot of time when exploring underwater biomes.

4) Submarine

A submarine would be an ideal underwater build in Minecraft. If creating a rail system is something players don’t like, it takes cake as the ultimate mode of transportation underwater. A submarine is relatively easy to build and does not require a lot of investment in terms of time.

3) Base of the submerged crater

A base submerged in Minecraft (Image via Minecraft)
A base submerged in Minecraft (Image via Minecraft)

This type of base makes the player appear to be on the surface while submerged underwater. This makes for a great basic design with an aesthetic that suits a swamp biome. That being said, any biome with a shallow body of water is suitable for building.

2) Underwater glass dome

Players looking to create their own take on Atlantis can opt for an underwater glass dome built on the ocean floor. Glowstone or sea gherkins can be used to light up the base and its surroundings so that hostile crowds do not breed. Glass will be a major resource used here. The transparent nature of glass will allow the player to look around and enjoy the serendipity of the ocean from its base.

1) Ancient ruined pyramid

The construction of the underwater pyramid (Image via Minecraft)
The construction of the underwater pyramid (Image via Minecraft)

It is one of the most unique underwater constructions there is. This is to use the design principles of a desert pyramid underwater. The top of the base can be made with an opening at the highest point. The sides can have stairs running down them to mimic the levels of a desert pyramid, and glass can be used to create transparent walls across the base.

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