An underwater ‘ocean highway’ is being created by the Galapagos and Costa Rica, Ecuador

The governments of Central and South America are planning to build a new highway, but it won’t be your normal highway on earth where you can travel. Well this brand new highway in the ocean will be exclusively for fish! Guillermo Lasso, President of Ecuador, signed a decree to create the new Galapagos Marine Reserve. According to officials, the reserve expands the total marine protected area of ​​the archipelago by 45% and will increase it from 51,351 ml to 74,517 ml.

Ecuadorian President Lasso said: “There are places that have marked the history of humanity, and today we have the honor of being in one of these places. These islands that welcome us have taught us many things about ourselves. So, instead of acting as the absolute masters of these lands and seas, shouldn’t we act as their protectors?”

The “Ocean Highway” will connect the two UNESCO World Heritage marine sites. The highway will also contribute to the protection of several rare and endangered marine species, such as hammerhead sharks and whale sharks. The main goal is to see the highway cross Ecuador, Colombia, Panama and Costa Rica in the coming years.

All country leaders are committed to the cause and the new area will allow travelers to experience the grandeur of the ocean. The Galapagos and its surrounding waters are perfect for adventures at sea. Here, travelers can scuba dive and discover the amazing world of sea creatures.

The historic signing ceremony was attended by Ivan Duque, the President of Colombia, the Foreign Ministers of Panama and Costa Rica, and former US President Bill Clinton.

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