Be aware of dive flags when boating; Give divers space

What should you do if you see a red and white flag floating on the surface of a body of water? You should know that the flag means that a diver is underwater and you should give him space.

Boaters should be especially careful and stay at least 100 feet from the dive flag when navigating in a river, canal or creek. Stay at least 300 feet from the dive flag if cruising in open water.

Divers can do anything from repairing underwater structures to recovering lost items to recreationally exploring the underwater world. Divers are trained to surface within 100 feet of the flag. The dive flag is placed in the water before divers dive underwater and removed once they are out.

Divers can often be found near the break walls of the St. Clair River, but they can also be in open water. The bubbling on the surface of the water is another clue, besides the flag, that there is a diver at work or playing underwater.

First responders also have teams trained for underwater operations.

Be aware of dive flags, keep your craft away from the area, and enjoy the water.

Reporting for WGRT – Jennie McClelland

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