Britney Spears Doc Netflix Trailer Dives Deep Into The Conservatory


Netflix has released the trailer for its Britney Spears documentary Britney Vs. Spears, which delves deep into its tutelage.

Netflix released the trailer for its new documentary Britney vs. Lances, which delves deep into the infamous Britney Spears tutelage. The pop star has been in guardianship since 2008, with her father, Jamie Spears, taking legal control of the majority of her life and finances. In 2019, the world finally understood the gravity of the situation when a Spears-centric podcast called Britney’s Gram posted a voicemail from a source claiming to be a former member of the family’s legal team. The horrific discoveries spawned the international #FreeBritney movement.

The conversation about Britney’s guardianship exploded when Hulu released the documentary The New York Times Presents: Coaching Britney Spears. The film ultimately calls into question the validity of the guardianship and its role in the legal system while recounting the singer’s tumultuous period in the limelight. It also highlights the inhumane ways the media treats superstars, like Spears, and the damaging consequences that treatment has on their mental health. Netflix later announced that it was jumping on the trending topic with its own documentary.

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Netflix has released the full trailer for Britney vs. Lances September 22, exactly one week before Baby one more time hitmaker is set to appear in court for his guardianship hearing. Opening with a voiceover of Britney herself telling the Upper Courthouse in Los Angeles that she wants her life back, the trailer showcases the topics fans can expect to see touched on.

Britney’s voice recording, taken from her testimony on June 23, is interwoven throughout the trailer. In between, there are plenty of paparazzi and b-roll photos of the star’s various projects, as well as sound bites from the main actors and investigators. Overall, the promo makes it clear that the filmmakers took a look at Britney’s unique life story and her quest for freedom. Like the title, Britney vs. Lances, viewers are ready to see what led the artist to charge her father with abuse of guardianship and their next day in court.

Netflix has been quietly working on the documentary for over a year now, with Emmy nominee Erin Lee Carr at the helm. It also produces under its Carr Lot Productions banner in association with Story Syndicate. Britney has yet to comment on the movie, but she is probably not thrilled. She said she was embarrassed by Coaching Britney Spears, even though she didn’t broadcast it.

As the masses jumped on the #FreeBritney train to show their support for the artist, it is difficult for many people to understand all the intricacies of his situation. There’s over a decade of drama to unbox so hopefully Britney vs. Lances provides a clear overview. While the movie can’t provide all the answers, the streaming giant picked the perfect release date: a day before Britney’s most crucial audience yet. Viewers won’t have to wait long for an actual “part 2” of this long story.

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