Canadian diver responds after foot flop score of 0.0


Watch: Canadian diver scores 0 with a feet first flop

The Canadian diver who scored 0.0 in the women’s 3m springboard semi-final after landing a pin jump says she is not giving up on her dream of an Olympic medal.

“It could have happened to anyone, but it happened to me at the wrong time,” Pamela Ware posted in a video after her stray dive.

The 28-year-old finished fourth ahead of the semi-finals but landed too far forward on the board on his last dive and aborted his effort. This prompted the judges to award him 0 points for a failed dive.

Ware, the 2013 world bronze medalist, took to Instagram to explain the Feet First error as she thanked those who offered her support during the fall.

“What we do in the competition is just a small factor of what we actually do to get to where we are,” Ware said. “I was so ready for this competition, and I made a mistake.

“I have done my best to get to where I am and I am human, I have the right to make mistakes.

“I hope you get used to having me with me because I’m not going anywhere, I’m not giving up.”

After her competitive dive, she told Canadian broadcaster CBC, “I think if I had done the dive I could have hurt myself.

Mexican diver Arantxa Chavez also got a score of 0.0 from the diving judges after committing a similar error in the preliminary round.

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