Canadian divers form British Columbia Exploration Diving Society

A group of Canadian divers from various disciplines came together to create the British Columbia Exploration Diving Society.

The company was formed by a group of founding members who were avid divers in three main diving disciplines: Freediving, Non-Technical Diving and Technical Diving.

According to the president of the company Kirk Krak:

“Like most good ideas, this one started in a cafe with a group of people discussing their fatigue from diving the same dive sites and lack of exploring new sites. It was November 16, 2021 Five days later, a dozen divers of varying skill levels and diving disciplines had gathered to explore previously unexplored areas. committees had been formed, organizational goals were in full swing, what would become the Exploration Diving Society of British Columbia had been formed to explore, discover and study new dive sites in Canada.

The company will conduct public awareness activities by distributing the location, topography, marine life, hazards, appropriate skill levels and environmental impacts of newly discovered dive sites to the general public through its website. , social media, word of mouth and eventual events with locals. divers and/or dive operators, Krak said.

“We recognize that this endeavor will take us into the traditional territories of many Indigenous peoples and that the value of their knowledge is essential to telling a full story of exploration.”

For more information, visit the company’s website at

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