Chula Vista’s mother, Maya Millete, missing and investigated podcast – NBC 7 San Diego

It has been a year since Chula Vista, mother of three Maya “Maya” Millete, was last seen by friends and family, launching an investigation into her whereabouts that has gripped the public.

On Friday, January 7, 2022, the anniversary of her disappearance, NBC 7 takes a look at the case, in the new podcast series “Vanished: The Maya Millete Story”, exclusively on NBC 7’s “Today in San Diego” podcast.

NBC 7 reporter Allison Ash and editor Lindsay Hood have been following the investigation closely. They have spoken to police, family members and many others closely connected with the investigation over the past year.

In episode 1 of “Vanished”, the team speaks with Billy Little, a lawyer and private investigator, who has been hired by Maya’s family to investigate her disappearance.

Little began her investigation just days after Maya went missing. Hear him discuss what he saw inside Millete’s home shortly after her disappearance and what he observed about Maya’s husband Larry Millete – who was arrested and charged of his murder nine months after Maya disappeared.

Maya’s body has still not been found and many questions remain.

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