CSCAA honors Sam Kendricks, Dan Ross, Terry Ganley, Nic Askew

For nearly a quarter of a century, Sam Kendricks’ booming baritone voice has become synonymous with college swimming. However, it was his friendship, approachability, enthusiasm and unbridled positivity that made Kendricks one of the nicest people in the sport. “Sam Kendricks always takes care of himself first,” the legendary Eddie Reese explained, “He really is a special person.” It is for these reasons that Kendricks and Dan Ross are this year’s recipients of the 2022 CSCAA Richard E. Steadman Award. Kendricks to be recognized at the 2023 CSCAA Awards Banquet

Kendricks’ entry into the world of advertising was sudden and unexpected when in 1983, as an undergrad, he was thrust into the role before the double Texas, UCLA, Florida double. His familiarity with coaches and enthusiasm among swimmers has made him a popular choice to announce chores ever since.

Kendricks’ ad style is both informed and exciting, and highlighted by its “Boom-Shak-a-Laka” tagline reserved for the most exciting times. In an interview with Swimming World, Kendricks humbly explained, “Once in a while we may have a special moment with the crowd” and that such moments “are special because of what the athletes accomplish.”

Since the early 2000s, Kendricks has been a realtor in Los Alamos, New Mexico. He was twice voted the #1 “Readers’ Choice” Realtor by the Los Alamos Monitor.

Other CSCAA awards were also announced. Minnesota retired coach Terry Ganley won the Lifetime Achievement Award. Sage Hopkins was named the Ben Franklin Award, which recognizes pioneering individuals whose efforts and innovations best promote integrity and the enhancement of the student-athlete ideal. Victoria Gmelich won the Charles McCaffre Award, given to someone connected with the sport of swimming who has achieved outstanding success outside of the pool. Sideways Nic won the National Collegiate School Trophy, which is presented to the coach who has made the greatest contribution to swimming as a competitive sport and as a healthy recreational activity in undergraduate and school education.

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