Daniel Craig explains why ‘Quantum of Solace’ was an ‘S – Show’ after ‘Casino Royale’ hit


Ahead of No time to die theatrical release, the last film in the James Bond collection, its main character Daniel Craig looks back on his other films in the franchise. Craig appeared on Imperial cinema Podcast, where he revealed that he was not cutting back on his time by doing Quantum of Consolation affectionately –– calling the experience an “s–– show.” The 2008 film was the second of his five Bond films.

“I would like to somehow [for] the person I was when I did it Casino. Too much knowledge is sometimes not a good thing. I was sort of in the dark about a lot of things, the way things worked, their mechanics, how the world really viewed Bond – all of those things. I just didn’t understand them, ”he said.

He continued, “Then I started to understand them, the weight of it kind of got heavy. The problem with [Quantum of Solace]It was a bit of a shit show, to say the least, all the weight was there, I think sort of, which probably got me locked up. Luckily for me it was about loosening it and loosening it and trying to get back to that feeling of Casino, which was’ This is James Bond, come on, have fun. Let’s have a good time. ‘”

On his first Bond film Casino RoyaleCraig had nothing but great things to say about the job. “I remember [shooting Casino Royale] with immense tenderness. And all this other shit was going on around it, which didn’t make sense at the time because I knew we had a good movie, I knew Casino it was good. You’re kind of like, ‘Wait and see, this is going to be awesome, don’t worry,’ “he said.

He also thanked MGM and Universal for limiting their new film to a theatrical release, contrary to the current trend of streaming releases. “Fortunately, [MGM and Universal] were incredibly brave and said, “We wanna put this in theaters, wait.” Because I’m sure there were rumors going around that it could air, it could be sold to a streaming service, and that would be… That didn’t sound right, ”Craig said. No time to die hits theaters on October 8.

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