Deceased diver’s purse puts Lockport’s skatepark campaign on top | Local news

Jacob C. Minnick, 18, was a star diver at Lockport High School and Clarion University. He died on June 17, 2021 in an accidental drowning in Pembroke.

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Jacob C. Minnick was a star diver, musician and, occasionally, a skateboarder.

On Thursday, six months after her death in a swimming accident in Genesee County, Minnick’s mother Kristina Schutt donated her son’s college scholarship to the fundraising campaign for a new board park at casters in the town of Lockport – a donation that took training above its goal. .

“It’s very exciting. I know Jacob would have loved it. Obviously, it’s also very sad that he’s not here to use the scholarship money to go to school,” said Schutt.

The four-year scholarship was awarded by Geico, the insurance company Schutt works for. It was worth $ 4,500 a year.

The scholarship helped Minnick attend Clarion University in Pennsylvania, where he would have been in his sophomore that academic year.

“I redirected it. I’ve been working on it since August,” said Schutt, a member of the Lockport Board of Education.

Jacob minnick

Jacob C. Minnick, who died on June 17, 2021 at the age of 18, sits in his high school varsity jacket.

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On June 17, Minnick’s body was removed from Tonawanda Creek at Indian Falls in Pembroke, after what police described as an accidental drowning.

The new skate park, with a concrete foundation, will be erected in 2022 on the site of a decaying wooden skateboard installation in Outwater Park, said John D. Craig, president of Lockport Community Services.

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