Diver Discovers Mysterious Underwater Fog, Says “It’s Like Another World”

While exploring caves in Mexico, a diver has shared stunning footage of his dive in swirling fog. According to the Mirror report, underwater fog is produced by alternating layers of fresh and salt water, giving the appearance of an underwater river. Francis Perez, a 52-year-old underwater photographer, dived into the intriguing “El Pit” cenote, a deep sinkhole in Yucatan, Mexico. In one of the images, we can see that the small entrance to the pit allowed light to pass through and bounce off the clear water.

Referring to sea fog, Francis Perez said: “It’s like flying over a river. A river in the water. Francis captured these incredible places with a Canon 5D MKiii camera to save them from encroaching development, Mirror reported. He added: “It’s like another world, a mysterious place.

Francis described the cenotes as one of the most spectacular dive sites he has ever visited. “At that time, it was a new ecosystem for me,” he noted. Moreover, he said that the water is so transparent that it looks like a cloud from the outside if you don’t go in, adding that “I think science has discovered almost 5,000 cenotes and every year, they discover new cenotes”.

The Mayans therefore associated cenotes with their spiritual beliefs.

According to the Mirror report, the ancient Mayans of the Maya civilization revered cenotes and frequently used them as places for religious ceremonies. In particular, it is difficult to dive in the cenote since the water is clear for the first 20 meters before becoming cloudy. Due to the cave’s depth of 55 meters below the surface, experts say only experienced divers should dive.

Highlighting how humans are exploiting and destroying nature, Francis said: “It is sad that this wonder of nature is again threatened by humans who want to build railway lines over these cenotes, a building that will destroy many. to commute. hordes of people from one tourist spot to another,” the Mirror reported. He claimed that the caverns and cenotes the tracks will pass through are not taken into consideration. above the Sacactun cave system, the second longest cave in the world.”

Additionally, the diver said some of the earliest individuals discovered to date in the Western Hemisphere were found at Sacactun, along with priceless artifacts from the illustrious Maya civilization.

(Image: Instagram-francisperez000)

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