Divers participate in the search for the missing

A group of local divers donate their time and expertise to help search local lakes and ponds in search of those who have gone missing.

SUMTER COUNTY, SC – People are disappearing all the time.

For cases that have cooled, some local divers are searching local waterways to see if they can help law enforcement find clues about the missing.

Recently, this group was in Sumter County looking for a cold case from 2017.

Jeremy Sides, one of three divers on the team, says their Youtube the discovery videos were originally like a treasure hunt. But then Sides discovered a car in Tennessee. This discovery made it possible to close an affair more than twenty years old and for him all the dynamics have changed.

Sides is in Sumter with two other divers, Adam Brown, who works at WLTX in their promotions department, and Britain Lockhart.

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Sides says helping law enforcement and looking for clues about missing people seems like the right thing to do: “I have all this cool electronics and diving gear,” he said.

He loves diving and making videos on YouTube and now for him it has become a career. Something more than just entertainment or a hobby.

For Sides, this makes sense of the Tennessee case.

Someone leaves a friend’s house, a party, and then he or his car is never seen again. It is as if they had fallen from the face of the world.

He says searches are always carried out on land and sometimes small bodies of water can be overlooked because no one can search them.

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Using the information from the cases to develop a research plan, Sides says they are starting to research where the cell phone last rang. They are also reviewing eyewitness reports indicating in which direction the missing person was heading.

Once they have established a travel itinerary, they begin to search for areas of water. They use rafts, scanners, cameras and if they get a signal they will dive.

The group isn’t sharing the name of the person they’re looking for just because they don’t want to give families hope, but local law enforcement is aware.

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