Diving: Will Nur Dhabitah smile again after the departure of his “diver father”?



KUALA LUMPUR: Sad, shocked and speechless.

It summed up female national diver Nur Dhabitah Sabri (Photo) emotions after the announcement that his trainer Christian Brooker would soon be leaving the dive camp.

Describing the Aussie coach as her ‘own father’ in diving, the 22-year-old said Brooker’s departure was indeed a great loss as it was he who made her fall in love with diving again after enduring. such an ordeal. scorching weather before.

This, Dhabitah said, was due to the fact that she had almost given up diving over a year ago.

It was Brooker’s “never say die” spirit that prompted her to get up and start over.

“Thanks to him, I started to love diving again. I almost gave up and felt the diving was pointless, especially after the Covid-19 pandemic hit the world, ”she said.

“It was really tense training under the concept of a sports bubble and the fact that I had to separate from my family for a while made me sadder. But I was glad to have Brooker in. around because he always encouraged me and made me want to participate in Japan.

The Kuala Lumpur-born athlete said she would certainly miss the 40-year-old coach as he was easy to communicate with and she felt comfortable sharing her issues with him, whether it was professional or personal problems.

Not only that, Dhabitah, who had been under Brooker’s tutelage since 2018, admitted that she had never been bored with him and appreciated the way he infused more joy and fun into their workouts.

“He’s been very supportive of us, he hasn’t been brutal with us – plus he doesn’t say bad words during training. He’s always given me and other divers freedom and he was easy to discuss any changes that we felt would work best for us as a diver.

“I like the way he handled the setbacks of the Tokyo Olympics recently; he never holds a grudge and always offers positive feedback regardless of the outcome, ”she added.

Despite falling short of winning a medal for the country in her second Olympics in Japan, Dhabitah stole Malaysians’ hearts with her commendable performance and beaming smile to finish fourth at the Tokyo Aquatic Center last month. – Bernama


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