Drone video captures diver’s battle with shark


When Matt Woods’ Mavic 2 Zoom took off from his Bondi Beach balcony, the Australian amateur pilot was hoping to add a nice new ocean video to his collection. Instead, the drone captured a captivating 30-minute underwater fisherman’s battle to fend off an aggressive shark until help arrived.

Drone video details fisherman’s battle with mako shark

Woods, 36, didn’t wait long on Sunday afternoon to realize his images wouldn’t be Bondi Beach’s normal sampling of swimmers, surfers and people playing in the shore break. Within minutes of launching his drone at 4 p.m., Woods identified and began filming a fisherman swimming in the water and using his crossbow to combat what the pilot believed to be an aggravated large mako shark.

“I spotted the shark right away because there was a big ball of fish bait and when I got closer I could see that it was also circling the diver in the water”, Woods Told the United Kingdom Daily mail. “The diver was pushing the shark away and pushing it with his harpoon gun. The shark then attacked its float which is attached to the diver. He was charging him and trying to bite him, shaking him. “

Woods did not allow the drama to film the Fisherman’s fight to the death to conflict with the urgency of doing something about it. He grabbed his girlfriend’s cell phone to alert local rescuers to the situation, then returned to the courageous diver’s sighting and rooting to keep the shark at bay.

As rescuers cleared those closer to the shore from the water, a jet ski was dispatched to locate and rescue the ailing diver, eventually arriving about 30 minutes after Woods called. The pilot filmed the entire battle, a small part of which is available online.

The video pilot of a drone also acts as a rescuer

Woods says his previous flights over the ocean picked up a whale and other visible marine life, but never before a shark (let alone the ultimately successful battle of a human against a shark). After the drama of his remarkable sighting ended with the diver returning to shore, Woods says he felt content to be part of the happy ending beyond just filming.

“I felt like we were helping the best we could,” he says. “We immediately phoned the rescuers… while I was on the shark on my drone the entire time so that we could guide them. I was quite happy once the lifeguard got out and could see that the diver had managed to scramble over the rocks and the reef.

Presumably, the lucky spear fisherman will end up watching Woods’ drone video of his feat, and perhaps find a way to make contact that Woods tried but couldn’t make once it was over. .

“I went to look for the diver after to try to meet him,” he said, “but I couldn’t find him. “

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