Employee dives into the kitchen sink to celebrate the last day of work


Leaving a job to pursue a passion is a feeling that cannot be expressed in words. It is the feeling of joy, excitement and relief that gives the greatest sense of satisfaction. Different people celebrate it in different ways. Some have fun, others go on vacation or dance like crazy to express their joy. However, never in a lifetime would you have seen a man jump into a kitchen sink to express his excitement. A video goes viral on the internet and shows a man diving into the kitchen sink on the last day of his restaurant job to express his happiness in continuing his video game career.

The video of Steven Pauley who jumped into the kitchen sink full of frothy water on the last day of his job at Taco Bell has gone viral on the internet, leaving internet users in a state of amazement. The video was first posted on Tik Tok and then slowly surfaced on all other social media platforms.

Steven quit his job at Taco Bell to devote himself to video games full time and in the excitement of it, he dives into the kitchen sink. Some time later, he came out of the kitchen sink while holding some cutlery in his hands. The video was recorded by one of his colleagues.

Take a look at the video.

(Credit: Instagram @drunkpeopledoingthings)

On Tik Tok, the video has garnered over 17 million views. On Instagram, the video has over 6 million views. One user funny commented: “I have to say it was clean.” Another user said: “It’s an art.”

Speaking about his act in the viral video, Steven told a reputable UK daily: “A lot of people give me a bad name for the video. But I like to have fun on my shifts. I had put my two weeks notice and worked the remaining two weeks. During the last shift, we did everything and cleaned the store as usual. We finished at 4 a.m. and then filled the sink. This water is normally quite warm, so we had to throw some ice in it. I’m not trying to jump in a hot tub and risk my life.

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