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TR PHOTOS BY SUSANNA MEYER — Stacia Foster recently took the reins as director of Le Grand Pioneer Heritage Library, as her predecessor, Shelley Barron, retired after more than three decades.

LE GRAND — After more than 30 years as director of the Le Grand Pioneer heritage library, Shelley Barron has retired, leaving the library in the care of her successor Stacia Foster.

Barron announced his retirement in the spring, and Foster began training for his new position in March. After several months of working with Barron after hours and on weekends, Foster has taken the reins and is excited to immerse herself in her role as director.

“Those are big shoes to fill. And (Shelley) knows everything. Learning from her was great, I mean the clients came and she knew all about the national parks, about the animals. She is so knowledgeable. It’s impressive,” Foster said.

Prior to serving as Principal at Le Grand Library, Foster spent 24 years working with at-risk students in the East Marshall Middle School building in Gilman, and for the past three years has worked in the college library as a librarian.

In the summer of 2021, Foster accepted a position as temporary director of the Gilman Public Library and realized that she really liked it. At the end of the summer, she returned to the college library, but her acting job had piqued her interest.

The new director of Le Grand Pioneer Heritage Library, Stacia Foster, rearranges the books on a shelf in the library. Prior to her new position, Foster worked at Gilman College for 24 years. Three of those years were spent as a librarian in the college library.

When her son graduated, Foster decided to pursue a career outside of the East Marshall School District and chose to apply for the position of Library Manager at Le Grand, something she was drawn to because of her lifelong love of literature. Foster said the passion was sparked by the adventures she had as a child in Grinnell.

“My sister and I used to – the library kept us in the summer, and then there was a bookstore in Grinnell, and I don’t know why they let us, but they let us lay on the floor and look at through the books,” Foster said. “I love to read. I love books. I love everything about it.

Foster is currently working on getting her online library director endorsement. While larger libraries often require a bachelor’s degree, the Pioneer Heritage Library is a Level 3 library that only requires completion of the endorsement program.

Planning library programs and getting to know library patrons are just two aspects of the job she looks forward to, but learning about the new job and all of its nuances is also an exciting prospect for Foster – whether he’s acts to decide what content is ordered or to be responsible for the administrative tasks associated with running a library.


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