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With victories in 11 of 12 events, the Stillwater Women’s Swimming and Diving Team qualified for the Section 4AA Championship on Saturday, November 13 at Stillwater Middle School.

Stillwater totaled 627 points to overtake finalist Woodbury (468.5) and third place Mounds View (321).

“The whole team has grown stronger which is good,” said pony coach Brian Luke.

It was the 20th consecutive section crown for the ponies, who also won 17 entries for this week’s Class AA State competition. The state competition, held at the University of Minnesota Aquatic Center, began with the diving preliminaries and semi-finals on Thursday, November 18 and continues with the swim preliminaries on November 19 and the finals on November 20.

Stillwater will be represented in all 12 events across the state, including two entries each in the 200 IM, 50 freestyle, 500 freestyle, 100 backstroke and 100 breaststroke. It was an impressive performance when you consider that Woodbury has been added to the section this season. The Royals, who finished second behind the ponies in the Suburban East Conference, also joined Stillwater and Woodbury in this year’s True Team State field.

“I didn’t walk event by event, but the times that would have been in the top 16 last year weren’t even in the same zip code this year,” Luke said. “Maybe it was a pandemic year, but Woodbury added to that because they have some really good swimmers and divers there. It’s a good section.

Luke said the ponies didn’t set a breakneck pace in the preliminaries on Thursday, but were able to advance in the correct heat to the finals on Saturday.

“In the final they came back and did a really great job,” said Luke, who has now coached teams to a whopping 40 sectional championships if you include those obtained in training for the Stillwater men’s team. .

The ponies started quickly with a victory and a section record in the 200 medley relay as Eva Johns, Maddie Reed, Lucy Siedschlag and Norah Naatjes combined for a time of 1: 51.43.

Sydney Dettmann followed in the 200 freestyle with the first of two wins, finishing with a time of 1: 52.33. She also dominated the 500 freestyle with a time of 5: 07.95, just ahead of her teammate Anika Wright (5: 10.53).

The top two individuals and relay teams in each swimming event qualify for the state, as well as those who meet the state qualifying standard.

Dettmann, Johns, Naatjes, Reed and Ellie Kill will each qualify for the state in four events.

Maddie Reed (2: 07.50) and Naatjes (2: 08.90) finished 1-2 in the 200 IM while Johns (23.55) and Kill (25.04) swept the top two places in the 50 freestyle .

Johns was also first in the 100 backstroke with a time of 55.49. Sarah Doeksen (59.47) also advanced to declare with a second place in the event.

The backstroke was a dominant event for the ponies as Bella Chau (1: 00.47) and Sophia Chau (1: 01.10) followed in third and fourth places.

A determined Lucy Siedschlag took the victory in the 100 butterfly with a time of 58.97, just ahead of Ava Reich of Woodbury (59.12).

“It was like a two and a half second fall,” Luke said.

Siedschlag was disqualified in the 50 freestyle, but that didn’t affect her with a butterfly-inspired performance.

“She just bounced back and came back and won the fly,” Luke said.

This resilience is probably one of the reasons she joined Johns to be recognized as the competition’s Section 4AA co-swimmer, according to the section coaches vote.

Kill also qualified for the state with a victory in the 100 freestyle clocking 54.40.

Maddie Reed (1: 05.38) and Naatjes (1: 06.96) also advanced to declare while occupying the top two spots in the 100 breaststroke.

Stillwater will also be represented in diving by rookie Maya Kelly, who placed third with a score of 364.25. The four best finishers advance to declare in diving.

The ponies also had some near misses with third places in five events. Margaret Reed was third in the 200 freestyle (1: 57.09) and 100 butterfly (1: 01.03) while Jayla Petersen was third in the 100 breaststroke (1: 11.15).

The ponies won comfortably in the 200 and 400 freestyle races. Naatjes, Siedschlag, Kill and Dettmann clocked a winning time of 1: 38.71 in the 200 freestyle while Johns, Maddie Reed, Kill and Dettmann won the 400 freestyle in 3: 33.96, over 7.5 seconds ahead of the finalist. Woodbury team (3: 41.63).

But not all of the accomplishments resulted in a place in the state meeting, Luke suggested. He thanked the seniors for their strong performances throughout the roster, including Rachael Steele, who finished fifth in the 200 (1: 59.24) and 500 (5: 24.89) freestyle events.

“It was his first section meeting,” Luke said of Steele. “She worked for six years and was really successful this year and finished with two section medals and both were the best ever. All the seniors, I thought, it was cool for them to do what they did.

He said the support from team members not even competing in the sectional competition is also impressive to see.

“You just enjoy what they’re doing,” Luke said. “The JV helps and times and the whole team just does cool stuff, even the kids who weren’t in the competition. As a coach you go there, it’s pretty impressive.

1. Stillwater 627; 2. Woodbury 468.5; 3. View of mounds 321.5; 4. Roseville 250; 5. White Bear Lake 147; 6. Tartan 101; 7. North Saint-Paul 52.

200 medley relay – * # 1. Stillwater (Eva Johns, Maddie Reed, Lucy Siedschlag and Norah Naatjes) 1:46.69; * 2. View of the mounds, 1: 51.43.

200 freestyle – * 1. Sydney Dettmann (St) 1: 52.33; * 2. Maya Tellez (Female) 1: 56.07; 3. Margaret Reed (St) 1: 57.09; 5. Rachael Steele (St) 1: 59.24; 8. Sophia Chau (St) 2: 02.95.

200 Individual IM – * 1. Maddie Reed (St) 2: 07.50; * 2. Norah Naatjes (St) 2: 08.90; 5. Jayla Petersen (St) 2: 19.57; Anika Wright (St) DQ.

50 freestyle – * 1. Eva Johns (St) 23.55; * 2. Ellie Kill (St) 25.04; 5. Annie Gritters (St) 25.78; Lucy Siedschlag (St) DQ.

Diving – * 1. Gabby Mauder (Female) 452.90; * 2. Darah Ostrom (MV) 382.90; * 3. Maya Kelly (St) 364.25; * 4. Gianna McLeod (St) 356.95; 11. Madelyn Puhrmann (St) 303.80; 13. Kaia Bjork (St) 280.05; 14. Kate Jentink (St) 275.00.

100 butterfly – * 1. Lucy Siedschlag (St) 58.97; * 2. Ava Reich (Female) 59.12; 3. Margaret Reed (St) 1: 01.03; 7. Lucy Paczosa (St) 1: 02.61; 10. Hailey Schmit (St) 1: 04.11.

100 freestyle – * 1. Ellie Kill (St) 54.40; * 2. Alana Schmitzer (MV) 54.75; 3. Abby Hansen (St) 55.05; 4. Rhiannon Fay (street) 55.11; 8. Annie Gritters (St) 56.76.

500 freestyle – * 1. Sydney Dettmann (St) 5: 07.95; * 2. Anika Wright (St) 5: 10.53; 5. Rachael Steele (St) 5: 24.89; 6. Alison Poole (St) 5: 26.99.

200 Freestyle Relay – * 1. Stillwater (Norah Naatjes, Lucy Siedschlag, Ellie Kill and Sydney Dettmann) 1: 38.71; * 2. Woodbury, 1: 41.22.

100 back – * 1. Eva Johns (St.) 55.49; * 2. Sarah Doeksen (St) 59.47; 3. Bella Chau (St) 1: 00.47; 4. Sophia Chau (St) 1: 01.10.

100 breaststroke – * 1. Maddie Reed (St) 1: 05.38; * 2. Norah Naatjes (St) 1: 06.96; 3. Jayla Petersen (St) 1:11:15; 6. Ella Busch (St) 1: 12.99.

400 freestyle relay – * 1. Stillwater (Eva Johns, Maddie Reed, Ellie Kill and Sydney Dettmann (St) 3: 33.96; * 2. Woodbury, 3: 41.63.

Stillwater picked up a comfortable victory in the JV conference meet on Saturday, November 6 at Stillwater Middle School, edging out finalist Forest Lake 676-368 for the title. Mounds View (339) dominated Cretin-Derham Hall (335) for third place while White Bear Lake followed in fifth with 126 points.

This was the sixth straight win in the JV conference meet for Stillwater, who has also won 24 of the last 25 JV conference meetings that have been held. Last year’s event was canceled due to COVID-19. The other five conference teams attended a similar JV conference at the Oltman Middle School.

The ponies finished first in all 11 swimming events, led by senior and double winners Adelee Wrightsman (200 and 500 freestyle), Julianna Silva (200 IM, 100 backstroke) and Luci Miller (50 and 100 freestyle).

Stillwater also won the victories of Shaeffer Watson in the 100 butterfly and Sophia Omann in the 100 breaststroke.

The seniors really stepped it up, ”said pony coach Brian Luke. “Out of 95 percent of the state teams, (Wrightsman) would have been part of the section team. It wasn’t for lack of effort. It’s really good when the seniors go out like this.

Stillwater really showed his depth in the relays, taking the top three spots in the 200 medley relay, the top four in the 200 freestyle relay and the top six in the 400 freestyle relay.

The ponies also swept the top nine places in the 200 IM, the top eight in the 100 breaststroke, the top seven in the 200 freestyle and the top six in the 500 freestyle.

“It bodes well for the future,” Luke said. “We should be OK for at least the next two years.”

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