GTA Online Player discovers a trick to avoid drowning underwater


While they’re not quite Aquaman, a Grand Theft Auto Online player has found an unusual issue that allows them to breathe underwater indefinitely.

A Grand Theft Auto Online glitch allowed a shrewd gamer to breathe underwater. The open-world multiplayer crime game launched in 2013, but developer Rockstar Games has continued to support GTA Online with updates and new content.

GTA Online is a huge title, and its size and reach has only grown as Rockstar continues to add new content. The franchise’s open-world gameplay is kept largely intact for its online multiplayer version, with players capable of committing various crimes or just wreaking havoc. The addition of rival players, however, radically changes the experience, resulting in cooperation or violent competition between individuals. As part of the most recent update, Rockstar Games added a Lost MC flight and an Emperor Vectre car among other new challenges and rewards for GTA Online players.

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A Reddit user and inventive GTA Online Player Name-Numerous has found an unusual way to breathe underwater in the game. The released video shows the player driving to shore before exiting his vehicle and using a weapon to blow up the door. Pulling the door closer to the water, Name-Numerous stands on the door of the car, then uses it as a sled to glide through the water. However, the player character does not start to drown, likely because he is technically standing rather than swimming. This allows Name-Numerous to stay underwater indefinitely, even when firing and firing a rocket launcher, as long as they don’t move away from the door.

Grand Theft Auto Online released almost eight years ago, so it’s no surprise that players achieved some truly remarkable feats around this time. Breathtaking race times and insane winning streaks are inevitable in a game that is both long lasting and hugely popular. For example, a GTA Online The player recently managed to turn a ridiculous jump into an incredible parking job using equal parts skill and luck. The player’s car takes off when it hits a cliff, but it happens to land on a road and tip right between two parked cars.

GTA Online players are always full of surprises, often performing incredible stunts or revealing bizarre problems. Name-Numerous’ ability to breathe underwater might seem like a lot of help, but their inability to get out of the car door means the trick is really just for fun. Without a scuba tank to swim without drowning, the car door trick is a simple, yet a lot of fun novelty.

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Grand Theft Auto Online is available on PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC.

Source: Nom-Many / Reddit

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