How to Complete the Underwater Salvage Contract in Horizon Forbidden West

Warend became obsessed with making armor better than any other in the world. Unfortunately, he died before his dream could be realized. Help Danur carry on Warend’s legacy by gathering the supplies needed to complete the armor. Some parts are waiting in the underwater ruins. Here’s how to complete the Underwater Salvage Contract in HorizonForbidden West.

Screenshot by Gamepur

After you get the contract, head northwest to Camp Salvager. You will touch the ocean. Be prepared for a long process if you don’t have a breathing mask. Swim to the small ruins off the coast. You can take refuge there from the machines if they bother you or if you need a break. Dive into the water to find the necessary parts for the armor.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Use your Focus to highlight different car parts and machines that can be opened to pick up salvaged items. They will be highlighted once you use your focus, making them easy to spot. Beware of Snapmaws in the area. They will hunt you down if you get too close. You can use the kelp along the ocean floor to hide if needed. After collecting all the salvaged gear, return to Danur. When you return, the camp will be attacked by rebels. Defeat the rebels and talk to Danur to complete the contract.

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