How to Make a Seagrass Farm in Minecraft

Minecraft is known for its flora and fauna. Players can find many herbal blocks in the game, including flowers, kelp, water lilies, grass, ferns, leaves, leaf drops, cacti, azaleas, and more. While most herbal blocks are found on land, some are found in underwater locations. One of these plants is sea grass.

Seagrass is a plant block in Minecraft that players can find in most ocean types (mostly on the ocean bed or growing on an underwater block), except frozen oceans. Players can find the plant in two variations: regular seagrass and long seagrass. Seagrass is classified as a “non-solid block” and is destroyed if players try to mine it with anything other than shears.

This article will guide players on how to create a seagrass farm.

Minecraft: Steps to Create a Working Seagrass Farm

Seagrass farms are not uncommon in Minecraft. One of the best designs is given by Minecraft YouTuber stormfrenzy. The YouTuber has a short 10 minute tutorial on how to make a seagrass farm. Players can follow the steps below to recreate a working seagrass farm as made by stormfrenzy on YouTube:

  • To start, place a dropper in the soil facing up, then a dispenser above the dropper, also facing up.
  • Place solid, non-transparent blocks on either side of the dropper/dispenser combo.
  • Add a border of wooden planks around the block structure.
  • Choose one side of the structure to be the front of the truss and make a small frame with wooden slabs, stairs and planks as shown in the image below. Fill all sides except the front with tinted glass.
The farmhouse frame encased in glass (Image via YouTube/stormfrenzy)
The farmhouse frame encased in glass (Image via YouTube/stormfrenzy)
  • Make a border around the wooden frame using dark prismarine blocks and stairs.
  • Place pressure plates on all lower wooden slabs in the central viewing area.
  • Dig in front of the structure and make a path to the now buried dropper. Make a line of redstone dust from the dropper leading outside.
  • Place a few hoppers next to the dropper. Add chests above the hoppers on the side of the structure as shown.
Bone meal storage (Image via YouTube/stormfrenzy)
Bone meal storage (Image via YouTube/stormfrenzy)
  • Fill in the previously dug area for redstone dust.
  • Set up a rail system with motorized rails on either side of the covered area, then one-block detection rails, then regular rails from there.
  • Fill the structure with water source blocks to a height of one block.
  • Place a layer of temporary blocks on top of the water and place water source blocks along its back. This will produce running water, needed on the farm. Players can then delete the temporary layer.
  • Place a minecart on the rails, install a button near it, and start the seagrass farm.

Sea Grass can be identified as a grass-like plant in Minecraft that grows near the Elongated Kelp Plant. It looks almost exactly like grass on the surface of the overworld. It is also found in underwater cave systems and swamps and can even occasionally generate above underwater gravel blocks. One of the greatest features of Seagrass is that players can use it to feed and breed turtles.

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