Hunt for killer crocodile that dragged 9-year-old boy underwater to death while playing

A nine-year-old boy has died in Zimbabwe after being dragged into the river by a crocodile.

The tragic incident happened last Thursday (January 13) in the Gwletushena district of the African country.

According to the Zimbabwean Chronicle news site, the boy, named Nkosiyabo Khumalo, and his two cousins ​​were playing along the Somhlatshwayo tributary when the rogue crocodile emerged and grabbed the boy by the leg.

His cousins ​​attempted to fight off the crocodile but could only helplessly watch as the reptile dragged him back into the river and out of sight.

A search party from Nkosiyabo village was summoned but no trace of him could be found until his body was discovered the following day.

Inspector Glory Banda confirmed the tragic news of the boy’s death

Speaking after the body was discovered, local police officer Inspector Glory Banda confirmed the tragic news.

He said: “The circumstances are that on January 13 the three children were playing in the tributary, which had an influx following the heavy rains received.

“As they were playing, a crocodile emerged and gritted its teeth on Nkosiyabo’s leg.

“He screamed for help and his cousins, aged 13 and 14, tried to rescue him, but the crocodile dragged him into the deep end of the tributary.

“The clothes of the deceased and some body parts were discovered along the bank.

“Efforts have been made by council and authorities to track down the crocodile.”

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