Indiana’s Tom Allen hosts ‘important’ Spring Ball after frustrating 2021

“Yeah, I’ll tell you what, we’ve done different things to help adapt to this and accelerate this. ‘Building’ is our one word for 2022, and part of the reason for that choice was to understand the number of new guys that we were going to get into our program in January was 19 which is a record number so how do you get those 19 guys to gel and blend together as a team because the best team is the one that wins the game day our goal for the spring is to go with a better football team right now we’ve had responsibility teams so for the last two years the responsibility groups were really more by position and now it’s It’s just a mesh of positions. Interpositions, interclasses, so you have guys from all levels on these responsibility teams. You have coaches working with guys who aren’t even necessarily on their side of a football. You have guys mixed up, offense, defense, special teams on the different accountability teams.

“It was really good. They did activities together, holding each other accountable. You have things to do that create communication. So that helped us once again to help these guys form a group that some guys haven’t done’ I don’t even know them when they came on campus. Other guys, they may have had previous relationships with some of our guys but not many. So some guys that stuck with me.

“JH Tevis is a guy who was a starter at Cal-Berkeley and came here and just a really, really smart, tough, tough worker, just one of those guys who does whatever you ask him to do. So I am really excited I just think LeDarrius Cox is another guy, and PJ Lucas, just guys who came to us this man, they really agreed to work really hard, big guys who can move – I mentioned three defensive linemen right there who I think it’s going to be critical for us to be able to continue to develop our defense Myles Jackson he’s probably – we’re going through – how about that so we asked the team to vote to see who they would like to have on the board. We obviously had the board in the past. I said I wanted to wipe the slate clean; let’s vote again. He was the biggest voter of all the new guys, and that was a lot. For me, that means a lot to you. some sort of showed – and we obviously did after they were here for several weeks, and the force personnel felt the same way. g dude, really, really hard worker and stuck with me, and I just think that counts for these guys getting his recognition and other people working hard.

“I feel like Jared Casey and Bradley Jennings are guys who came here too, at linebacker and had to really learn some things and come to a new place, so just like they work hard, and that’s is what stood out to me. I think offensively, Shaun Shivers is a guy who really stands out in terms of his work ethic. Obviously I haven’t seen those guys play football here in person, but the drill work, toughness, fighting through adversity, he really stuck with me in a way that was impressive I think Emery Simmons is another guy who really showed me a lot in what concerns the daily work. It does not say much, but it works “. I have very good speed and I love the spirit he brings. Josh Henderson is another great, great worker as I mentioned. A few running backs, receiver there. Just this ability to really really buy into what we’re doing.

“We were talking about Connor, and being a quarterback requires two things, leadership and production. So seeing those things from him, and that’s it – he’s naturally a pretty quiet guy. But I’ll tell you what, the group of guys that we brought here, I was really encouraged by them, encouraged by their ability to come here as a new player. They brought maturity. We obviously looked at them as much as possible to really making sure you bring in some good guys, and so far I think they’ve done a really good job for us and kind of settled in well.

“Time will tell, there’s no doubt about that, but you already have over 100 guys here in the team, and you’re excited to see them now spending spring football together because you have the practice room. , the things that happen in practice, after practice, before practice, all the time that we have with our guys now as a whole group and you start building this team together. It’s obviously hard to have new guys. I haven’t even mentioned the new freshmen. But it’s older guys who are really – the recruiting window was shorter then. Some guys that we knew before, which help, and some other guys we had to learn quite efficiently.

“I know I spent a lot of time on this talking about these guys, but I’m excited about them, and we brought them here and it’s time for them to compete and improve this football team. “

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