Is the trend of submarine meals of the future? This Dutch company has plans

Could the ultimate dining experience one day be sitting down for a meal near underwater marine life? A submersible vehicle maker plans to push the limits of the dining experience with its new class of entertainment submarines, capable of reaching depths of 200 meters. From menus to tables to a bar, there is everything you would normally expect to find in a restaurant, except that here the room is submerged 200 meters under water. Dining in a submarine promises to be a surprising new experience – one that claustrophobic foodies may want to avoid – thanks to an unusual project by Dutch company U-Boat Worx. The company, which develops underwater vehicles for scientific or tourist applications, has designed a 150 square meter underwater entertainment platform, which can be configured for private events such as weddings or seminars, and which can accommodate up to 120 guests, not including staff. The ship is even equipped with a solarium, allowing guests to step out above the water to admire the view before dessert.

This underwater entertainment platform is capable of staying underwater for 18 hours, which would allow trips combining snorkeling sessions and meals, for example, to explore the depths of an area special seafaring. For the moment, no launch date has been specified by U-Boat Worx. But with this project as surprising as it is unusual, there are all sorts of possibilities for dining and more!

Above all, it further fuels the concept of the immersive gastronomic experience. And we’re not talking about experiences that are supposed to awaken our senses using giant screens and three-dimensional sound, like the Under the Sea restaurant by the Ephemera collective, which opened in March in Paris. It is rather a question of dining in contact with nature, in this case the sea, in unusual and exceptional places.

In 2019, architecture studio Snøhetta unveiled Europe’s first underwater restaurant, built in the far south of Norway. Sunk under water up to five meters deep, the rectangular building seems abandoned in the North Sea. But you don’t need a wetsuit to observe the marine fauna while taking a seat in this Under restaurant. And don’t confuse this with a tourist attraction or a gimmick. The Michelin Guide has awarded a star to the gastronomic creations of chef Nicolai Ellitsgaard and his team, on the theme of locally caught seafood. It might not be long before restaurant booking sites start adding a “submarine” category…

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