Lamu drug dealer dives into sea to escape arrest

Residents living along Lamu’s waterfront were treated to a dramatic show on Saturday pitting a drug trafficker against police based on Lamu Island.

It was after the peddler, a known ex-convict who also wore panga, resisted arrest and dived into the sea.

According to DCI, two of the cops who grew up along the banks of the Nzoia River, also plunged into the sea, in a heated water battle to stop the notorious drug dealer.

“What followed was a dramatic chase in the tumultuous waters of the sea, as the peddler swam out to the deep sea to escape arrest and the determined officers battled the currents at close range,” DCI said. .

They said in a scene of about 30 minutes, the thug who would sometimes disappear underwater only to reappear floating at different points gave the two men the most difficult assignment of their careers.

“A marine patrolling boat at sea arrived on time with the maritime police, who skillfully dove into the sea. The thug tried his underwater tactics but was not up to the police divers. whose buoyancy, speed and efficiency could only be compared to that of a dolphin, ”added the DCI.

DCI further says that while the suspect was being escorted along the waterfront, one Ali Mohammad attempted to interfere with the officers while another identified as Famau Muhashe launched a projectile at our officers, seriously injuring him. agent Leonard Mutai.

The three suspects are currently in legal detention and being charged.

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