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Matty Smith was honored at the 2021 Ocean Photography Awards hosted by international magazine Oceanographic, finishing second in the Collective Portfolio category on his first attempt. The former Wollongong-based Smith recently moved to Newcastle but said many images in the portfolio were taken in Illawarra and the south coast. He said the awards were important because they showcased many of the best photographers in the world. The awards are only in their second year and are already considered important as a “celebration of our beautiful blue planet, as well as a platform to highlight the many issues it faces”. Smith said they featured footage of what most people would never see if ocean photographers weren’t there in all weather conditions, capturing marine life in their element. “I found out on Wednesday morning that I had won the silver. It was a nice surprise, he said. “There were 10 images in the portfolio, eight of them were taken in New South Wales and five were taken in Illawarra. I think the photos worked pretty well for the prices as a lot of between them were quite unique. Some of them are photographs that have never seen before that still do well in competition. Especially the Bobtail squid at Wollongong harbor. “There was also a good variety of techniques and different behaviors of wildlife in his portfolio. Smith is no stranger to being recognized for his work. He won the Ocean Geographic / Brian Skerry Award of Excellence in 2020, the Australian Geographic Portfolio Prize in 2018, National Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year in 2018 and the Natural History Museum WPY Prize in 2020. “I have been photographing since the age 18. and ocean photography brought me to Wollongong, ”Smith said. “I was very fond of surfing and what brought me to photography were the surf trips I took to Europe when I was living in the UK. I made a few trips to Australia and that’s what led me to migrate to Australia in 2007. That’s when my career as a photographer really started to take off because of the beauty of the area. ocean here. My photography has evolved organically towards more underwater shots. As of 2012, I mainly photograph underwater photography, underwater photography and more on oceanic fauna. Smith shares what he loves teaching underwater photography and designing / manufacturing underwater photographic equipment. “When we are not confined, I organize trips abroad. In the new year I’m taking one to Western Australia for 10 photographers. I also like to come back to the port of Wollongong. The night photography is amazing so I love doing night dives there. “



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