Megan Maholic played a major role in Villa Maria’s success at the North East swimming and diving competition

NORTHEAST – Megan Maholic knew the two people whose pool records she broke at Saturday’s North East Girls Swimming and Diving Invitational.

One was Marie Georger, the former Mercyhurst Prep PIAA gold medalist who also did rounds for the University of Michigan. She also competed in the 2012 United States Olympic Swimming Trials.

Maholic, who briefly had Georger as his youth club team’s assistant coach, erased Georger’s name from the Grapepickers record board in the 100-yard backstroke.

The Villa eldest lowered the Grapepickers pool record in her timed final to 55.83 seconds.

Maholic was even more familiar with the other person whose pool record was broken. It was his.

She won the 100m butterfly in 57.35. His previous score was 57.84.

Maholic also swam the opening leg of Villa’s 200 medley relay (1:49.72) and 400 freestyle relay (3:41.06).

These collective results explain why the University of South Carolina rookie received the competition’s Outstanding Swimmer/Diver award.

“It’s pretty exciting,” Maholic said. “I knew this award was a big thing to come here my first year, so it’s very humbling to receive it as a senior. This competition can be very exhausting for all swimmers, so I’m very proud of it. “

Haley Palmer was another four-time gold medalist for the Victors, who won nine of the competition’s 12 events. Their 458 team points leapfrogged second-placed Fairview by more than 300.

Palmer anchored Villa’s 200 medley and 400 freestyle relays. His individual wins were for the 50 freestyle (24.73) and the 100 freestyle (53.72).

The Victors’ Gracie Girts prevailed in the invitational distance races, the 200 freestyle (1:59.49) and 500 freestyle (5:21.61). The seniors also anchored their 200 freestyle relay (1:43.43).

Rebirth for Rand

A full-time return to athletics was not enough for Reagan Rand.

The Harbor Creek eldest was the District 10 Class 2A diving champion as a freshman and sophomore. She also played softball, the sport she will play when she enrolls in Division I at Seton Hall University this fall.

Wrist surgery, however, forced Rand to sit out his junior diving season. Saturday’s win in that event, for which she compiled a gold medal total of 437.15 points in 11 attempts, helped make up for some of that lost time.

“I’m doing really well,” Rand said. “I’m recovering all my dives and hope to add more in the future.”

As Rand returns to diving and softball in her final year of college as a Huskie, she is also rehearsing to appear in “Suessical the Musical.” Harbor Creek is sponsoring the play, based on the children’s stories of Dr. Suess.

While Rand expressed her excitement for her upcoming appearance at Saturday’s meet, she immediately warned those watching the show that her singing voice won’t rival her athletic abilities.

“Yeah, I don’t really,” she said.

Her Harbor Creek teammate Alayna Mosbacher, with 409.27 points, was second to Rand in Saturday’s eight-diver field. Fairview’s Lauren Stephens (393.15) was third.

Reagan Rand, Harbor Creek

McLane met the winner

General McLane’s Catrina Miller and Franklin’s Alaina Brown prevented Villa from sweeping all 11 swimming events in the competition.

Miller lost more than two seconds off his start time for first place in the 100 breaststroke. The junior completed her two laps in 1:09.44, which eclipsed Villa’s Kyan Snider-Mills 1:09.70.

Snider-Mills was seeded first at 1:10.02.

“I was really happy (with the drop in time),” Miller said. “I’ve always wanted to do that here, so it’s really exciting.”

Catrina Miller, General McLane

Brown, a Knights junior, emerged as the favorite in the 200 IM. She completed a backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly and freestyle lap in 2:15.26.

Brown’s No. 1 seed time was 2:17.11.

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The Villa Maria Victors pose with the championship trophy after winning Saturday's North East Girls Swimming and Diving Invitational.

Medalists from the North East Girls Swimming and Diving Invitational:

Team: 1. Villa Maria (VM) 458, 2. Fairview (Fv) 154, 3. General McLane (GM) 133, 4. Oil City (OC) 133, 5. Harbor Creek (HC) 77, 6. Corry (Cy) 70, 7. Grove City (GC) 69, 8. Mercyhurst Prep (MP) 59, 9. Sharon (Sh) 58, 10. Franklin (Fr) 44, 11. Titusville (Tv) 24, 12. Northeast ( NE) 18, 13. Greenville (Gv) 11, 14. Iroquois (I) 9, 15. Mercer (Mer) 8, 16. Union City (UC) 1

200 yard medley relay: 1. Villa Maria (Megan Maholic, Kyan Snider-Mills, Maria Costa, Haley Palmer) 1:49.72; 2. General McLane 1:55.33; 3. Oil City 1:56.48

200 free: 1. Gracie Girts (VM) 1:59.49; 2. Molly Fehr (VM) 2:01.55; 3. Sarah Sweet (MP) 2:02.67

200 individual medley: 1. Alaina Brown (Fr) 2:15.26; 2. Maria Costa (VM) 2:16.14; 3. Catrina Miller (GM) 2:16.51

50 free: 1. Haley Palmer (VM) 24.73; 2. Abby Zablotny (Fv) 25.48; 3. Zoey Beck (GC) 25.52

Diving: 1. Reagan Rand (HC) 437.15; 2. Alayna Mosbacher (HC) 409.27; 3. Lauren Stephens (Fv) 393.15

100 butterfly: 1. Megan Maholic (VM) 57.35; 2. Mackenzie Spence (Cy) 1:02.52; 3. Kaitlyn Crosscut (GM) 1:03.68

100 free: 1. Haley Palmer (VM) 53.72; 2. Zoey Beck (GC) 56.45; 3. Morgan Stover (CO) 57.05

500m free: 1. Gracie Girts (VM) 5:21.61; 2. Molly Fehr (MV) 5:24.84; 3. Ellie Natemeier (VM) 5:33.63

Relay 200 free: 1. Villa Maria (Brooke Smith, Ellie Natemeier, Jillian Heinrich, Gracie Girts) 1:43.43; 2.Fairview 1:44.68; 3. Oil City 1:45.28

100 backstroke: 1. Megan Maholic (MV) 55.83; 2. Maria Costa (VM) 1:00.18; 3. Alaina Brown (Fr) 1:00.42

100 breaststroke: 1. Catrina Miller (GM) 1:09.44; 2. Kyan Snider-Mills (VM) 1:09.70; 3. Morgan Stover (OC) 1:11.85

Relay 400 free: 1. Villa Maria (Megan Maholic, Gracie Girts, Maria Costa, Haley Palmer) 3:41.06

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