New Dragon Ball Heroes trailer delves into Shonen’s past


Super Dragon Ball Heroes has taken the Shonen franchise in crazy directions the main series hasn’t dared to take in the past, but now a new trailer hints at the idea that the spinoff series could dive into the past to revisit what is considered one of the greatest battles in Dragon Ball Z history. With Heroes acting as both a television series and an arcade game, the two mediums continue to intertwine, with the Big Bang Mission giving us clues about where the series is heading in the future.

In the last installment of Super Dragon Ball Heroes, viewers had the opportunity to witness Gogetas, one of which was from the Main Universe and the other from the Time Patrol Universe, taking on a new form of the villainous Fuu. Even with the power of Super Saiyan Blue and Super Saiyan 4 Limit Breaker respectively, the two Gogetas were unable to defeat the Dark Demon Dimension scientist through his own unique fusion. As the final moments of the episode see a unique energy transfer between the two Goku’s, fans wonder what this means for the series and if we’ll see a “Goku Squared” in the future of the series.

Twitter user DBS Chronicles shared the new trailer for “The Big Bang Mission”, taking us back to the past of the Majin Buu saga to parallel the battle between Majin Vegeta and Goku in this new arc that sees Fuu try to create a new universe and take revenge for the loss of its people at the hands of the patrol of time:

Ever since he first fell under Babidi’s spell and became a Majin in order to gain significant power gain, Vegeta has not ventured into a villain’s path since, but has instead joined the Z Fighters in the battles of Dragon ball super and test his strength against Beerus, Freeza, Jiren, Zamasu, Granolah and Moro to name a few. While it’s certainly possible that we may one day see Vegeta return to villainy, especially with the Z Fighter constantly getting the end of the stick in fights, it doesn’t look like we’ll see Majin Vegeta return at all. moment soon in the main series, although Heroes may be a different story.

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