New OMNIMAX film dives underwater in ancient caves around the world

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Photo: provided by the Cincinnati Museum Center

The Crystal Caves in Abaco, Bahamas.

Travel to the center of the Earth without leaving your theater seat with the OMNIMAX movie Ancient caves.

Shown at the Cincinnati Museum Center from November 20 to March 2022, this film “takes you alongside scientists as they seek to better understand the history of Earth’s climate by studying some of the world’s most hidden realms,” reads -on in a press release.

Follow paleoclimatologist Dr. Gina Moseley and her team as they descend into isolated caves across the world, from France to Iceland and from the Bahamas to Death Valley in California, to collect stalagmite samples to to discover clues about the weather conditions of the planet.

Ancient caves takes the audience to some of the most extraordinary and beautiful places on the planet as they follow a team of researchers looking for clues hundreds of meters below the earth’s surface, ”said director Jonathan Bird, who specializes in underwater cinematography, in the release. “These deep underwater caves are from another world, like something straight out of a sci-fi movie, and audiences can expect to see things they’ve never seen before. The film has something for everyone, be it adventure, science, or just pure beauty.

The family film is narrated by Emmy Award winner Bryan Cranston (of Breaking Bad, Your Honor, Malcolm in the middle), with an original score performed by the Prague City Philharmonic Orchestra. And it’s not only beautiful, the research there has also earned Moseley the Company’s Rolex Award for his exploration of arctic caves.

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