New York woman’s phone lost on mass trip found by divers – NECN

Laura Hernandez was enjoying herself like never before when she joined family and friends on a trip to Massachusetts earlier this month.

The ESL student, who was from New York, was attending a party on August 20 in Rockport, a coastal town she quickly fell in love with,

“It’s a beautiful city, the people are nice,” she said.

Hernandez snapped photos of the beautiful North Shore coastline on this sunny Saturday, the perfect recipe for water activities.

At the party, she asked to borrow a paddleboard and try it out in the sea.

“It was actually my first time paddleboarding,” she remarked. “I was so excited.”

Hernandez took her phone — loaded with valuable, unsaved data — and put it in a waterproof pink pouch. She then grabbed the paddle board and took it to Back Beach, where her excitement was short-lived.

Hernandez tried to stand on the board when she lost her balance and fell into the water – her phone going in with her. He fell 25 feet to the ocean floor, where he remained for about 20 hours until an unlikely diver picked him up.

Vanessa Kahn was finishing a scuba diving course early Sunday morning when Hernandez asked if she and the group could search for him. Khan returned about 40 minutes later with Hernandez’s phone in hand.

“A bright pink case like just emerged right in front of my face, I was like, ‘oh my God, I just found it,'” Kahn said. “I waved the phone because I saw her sitting on the beach and I just saw her say, ‘oh!'”

Hernandez was shocked.

“My face was like ‘what! I can’t believe this!’ And once she got out of the water, I was like, ‘Vanessa, can I give you a hug?’ she remembers.

The two women kissed happily.

Hernandez was unaware that Kahn had left a surprise on his phone – divers took a selfie in the water once they retrieved his phone.

“If she tells the story, no one will believe that a group of divers found her phone on the bottom of the ocean, so now she has a selfie of all of us to prove it,” Kahn said.

And Kahn didn’t expect a reward: $300 for all the trouble.

“For me, it paid for all the gear I had to rent for that class, so it worked out so well,” Kahn said. “She got her phone back, I got a free scuba lesson, we were both happy. And now we are friends.

They are friends with a story to share, and for Hernandez it is also a lesson.

“Even when you think something in life is impossible – it applies to everything – miracles happen,” she said.

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