Omani divers celebrate Saudi National Day underwater

Muscat – The Quriyat Diving Team celebrated Saudi Arabia’s 92nd National Day by diving into the sea off the coast of Quriyat with the flags of Oman and the neighboring country.

The group’s objective behind the dive was to celebrate the great relationship between the two countries, in addition to raising awareness of the importance of preserving maritime heritage and keeping beaches clean.

Talk to Muscat every dayJuma Khamis al Amri, head of the Quriyat diving team, said ten Omani divers dived into the water around Ras Abu Dawood in Quriyat wilayat on Saturday and held the flags of the two countries for 35 minutes to celebrate the day.

The event, held at a depth of 15 meters with the slogan “Celebrating the National Day of Saudi Brothers”, took place from 1 p.m. to 1:35 p.m., in cooperation with the Quriyat Club, Amri informed.
“Each flag was 350cm long and 200cm wide.”

Acknowledging the support of Quriyat residents and volunteers, Amri said the team expects the event to also go a long way in promoting Oman’s tourist spots and popularizing the sport of diving in the region. community.

“The Sultanate has many beautiful places for diving which attract tourists from all over the world.”
Established in January 2019, Quriyat’s dive team has carried out several clean-up dives at Ras Abu Dawood and removed nine tonnes of fishing and marine debris so far, the team leader said.

In June this year, the team launched an artificial reef development project in Quriyat in cooperation with the Environment Authority, with the aim of protecting the fishing sector and preserving the marine environment.

The team is excited to continue the work of cleaning up the Arabian Seas. “We hope that the fishermen respect the fishing laws,” added Amri.

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