ORION DPX Diving Tablet System

Divers and underwater explorers looking for a way to document, 3D scan underwater objects, use sensors or take notes on a more traditional tablet in depth. May be interested in the new DPX ORION scuba diving tablet platform specially designed for divers. The diving tablet even comes with its own stylus allowing you to write and draw completely underwater if needed. ORION is a versatile underwater platform that allows smart tablets to use a myriad of sensory applications and accessories underwater down to a depth of 60m or 200ft.

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Advance pledges are now available for the recently launched project starting at around $ 335 or £ 248 (according to current exchange rates), offering a massive discount of around 35% off the RRP, while Kickstarter crowdfunding is underway.

“ORION is presented as a platform. It is designed as an open modular system for endless developments. We encourage interested parties and institutions to join us in further developing the ORION platform. DPX-1 Shield is a rugged and durable underwater enclosure that protects smart tablets up to a depth of 60m / 200ft. Place your smart tablet in the DPX-1 Shield Underwater Case and enjoy a myriad of sensory apps and accessories underwater.

Assuming the DPX ORION crowdfunding campaign successfully increases its required engagement target and project completion goes smoothly, the global expedition is expected to take place around March 2022. Read more about the project from DPX ORION scuba diving tablet, see the promotional video. below.

“The Viewport function of the DPX-1 Shield allows you to take high-quality photos and videos underwater. Therefore, you don’t need to take an extra underwater camera with you. You can comfortably review the captured images on the large screen of your tablet. You can even connect external devices such as battery chargers, acoustic modems, laser scalers, pressure sensors, etc. to the USB port. We offer an “inventor package” for innovators interested in developing new devices for the platform. Please see the Rewards section for more details.

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“The Orion platform offers wired and wireless solutions to track key physiological parameters of divers such as heart rate or respiratory rate and record the dive profile. We are open to working with third party developers and manufacturers while offering them hardware and software tools with Inventor and Developer packs. It is now possible for any diver to obtain very quickly 3D models of underwater archaeological remains, wrecks and dive sites. Even only after one or two dives.

For a full list of all available special engagements, ambitious goals, additional supports and technical specifications for the scuba diving tablet, go to the official DPX ORION crowdfunding campaign page by clicking on the link below. below.

Source: Kickstarter

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