Planet of Lana’s trailer delves into its gorgeous gameplay

A new trailer for the gorgeous side-scrolling adventure Planet of Lana has been released during the Day of the Devs stream, featuring developers Wishfully Studios and showing more of the game world and types of puzzles and situations. that you can expect to encounter. Planet of Lana is coming to Xbox and PC later in 2022.


After debuting at E3 2021, we’re now seeing a lot more of what the game entails. Lana is on a mission to save her sister who has been kidnapped by an army of invading robots. It’s not Earth, but rather an alien world, and Lana soon bumps into and befriends the little creature called Mui.

This is where the confusing comes in because you can also guide Mui to go sit on switches and trigger things in the world that help Lana progress and then Mui catches up. Mui also has the ability to control some of the weird creatures and mechanics in the world, such as talking a large blobby monster into filling a pool with water that was contained within. Mui, as it happens, is afraid of water, so you might have to work around that, but he’s small and nimble and able to reach places Lana can’t.

Of course, there are also many dangers in the world. Lana will have to avoid robots and monsters using a stealthy approach, hiding in thick grass, etc. to go forward.

The game comes with a gorgeous art style, mixing hand-drawn art, parallax overlay, and some subtle 3D graphics to try and look like an interactive painting. It will look crystal clear on high-end PCs and the Xbox Series X where it will run native 4K. We can’t wait to see more as it releases later this year.


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