Shawn Michaels dives into his booking philosophy after WWE promotion

Due to health issues in September 2021, Triple H stepped back from his duties and handed his best friend Shawn Michaels the responsibility of running NXT. Now that Triple H has taken over creative from Vince McMahon, Michaels has been named senior vice president of creative talent development.

This has given the WWE Hall of Fame a new set of responsibilities, where it looks like it will shape the growth and career of NXT’s young roster. speaking on The Ringer Wrestling ShowShawn Michaels said he was thrilled to be the new face of NXT, although the role was difficult.

“Usually Hunter is the one who’s there in front of the cameras talking about everything for NXT. But obviously, as you know, his responsibilities have increased, and that also means mine have clearly increased. NXT’s image has still need to be represented, that falls on me. Obviously, I’m thrilled to be able to do it and to be there to support NXT and try to get the recognition it deserves.

But it’s a new role for me. I’m generally more comfortable behind the scenes and in my work. But look, it’s an exciting new time. I love the men and women of NXT. I love helping them, I love producing the TV show. We are excited about Halloween Havoc. I am delighted to have this kind of responsibility.

Shawn Michaels also explained that he plans to focus more on the development aspect of the job by putting these young performers in situations they might face on the main roster.

“From my perspective, I’m looking at, we have to combine obviously putting on an entertaining two-hour wrestling show every week, but at the forefront of it all, for me, I usually try to focus on the development aspect. It’s my job and our collective job at NXT to bring these young men and women the growth and experience and help them encounter things that they can encounter on the main roster. So honestly that’s what I bring to the fore is repetition in this stuff, from a television standpoint, whether it’s storylines, promos, just time on television , some spots. I’m not talking about points in a game.

I mean spots on the map, so to speak. Opening the show, in the middle of the show, a personal story, a championship story, being on top and understanding the pressures, dedication and lack of free time one can experience. So there are a number of different aspects that we’re trying to bring to that. But for me, I always try to put development first. Listen, sometimes that makes it hard to put on the absolute best wrestling show you can.

Over the past few weeks, NXT has exited its 2.0 phase with the introduction of a new black and gold logo reminiscent of the old logo. Shawn Michaels is set to reunite with DX on the October 10 RAW episode.

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