Singapore Naval Diving Unit celebrates 50th anniversary, restructures training to strengthen threat response

SINGAPORE: The Republic of Singapore Navy’s elite combat diving unit (RSN) has restructured its training to strengthen its response to increasingly complex and unconventional threats, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said on Thursday (December 9th). Defense (MINDEF).

The restructured Naval Diving Unit (NDU), which comprises six units, will be tasked with developing capabilities in areas such as underwater security, underwater explosive ordnance disposal, and maritime countering operations. terrorism.

Key skills such as end-to-end boarding capabilities will also be centralized under the NDU to support special operations in the maritime domain.

The restructuring of the NDU comes as the unit celebrated its 50th anniversary with a parade at Sembawang camp on Thursday. Speaking at the event, Defense Minister Ng Eng Hen said technology and expertise are key to expanding the unit’s repertoire and skills, as with the rest of the Singapore Armed Forces ( SAF),

He highlighted the NDU’s use of remote-controlled vehicles to search and locate underwater explosive threats, as well as a new fleet of combat vehicles equipped with advanced remote-controlled weapons systems and communications equipment.

“As the spectrum of security challenges expands to include gray zone threats, NDU has done well to adapt by deploying non-lethal weapon systems such as TASERs, batons and pepper spray. to minimize collateral damage, “he added.

In his speech, Dr Ng praised the professionalism of the NDU and thanked the military for their contributions.

“Special forces, or NDU equivalents in armies around the world, are an elite group, often tasked with carrying out difficult missions that can even change the course of history,” he said.

“Special Forces troops undertake these missions knowing and accepting the high risks, and understanding that they bear a heavy responsibility to be successful, even though they are prepared to sacrifice their lives for their country. “

“Rightly, these special forces are compared to the point of the spear, a sharp, hardened point that can penetrate deep into the enemy,” he added.

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