Stuart Diver has a new partner after the death of his second wife.


Diver found many of the same traits in his second wife, Rosanna Cossettini, a “strong and independent” woman with whom he had a daughter, Alessia.

The couple met in 1999 and married three years later, but soon after returning from their honeymoon, Rosanna was diagnosed with breast cancer.

When it became clear that this was no longer treatable, Diver faced a very different kind of loss than he had experienced before. There was time to contemplate what was to come, to plan it, to say goodbye. There was also a four-year-old girl to guide her and take care of her afterwards.

Six years later, he does what he can to remind them both of the love they shared. Together, he and Alessia cook from Rosanna’s cookbook, and they remember what it was like lying on the couch and hugging her.

“It doesn’t always go perfectly all the time. There are huge dips, there are all of these things. It’s also a roller coaster for her,” he said. “But at least the overwhelming feeling for Al is that his mother’s memories are positive. And that’s how we try to live our lives.”

Yes, Diver always allows himself to feel angry, to feel sad about the unfairness of it all. But the key, he said, is not to stay there too long.

“It might sound a little facetious, but it’s not, you know,” he said. “You can take some positive out of these huge tragedies and that is the only way I can see going forward.”

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Today, Stuart Diver not only lives for the love of Sally, Rosanna and Alessia, but for his new partner, a mother, with whom he lives a beautiful private existence.

Although they live “semi-separated lives” in different parts of the country, he describes their relationship as incredibly happy.

“I am the luckiest guy in the world as I have met another incredibly amazing woman,” he said. “You might be thinking, ‘How much more can someone teach me about my life? But she teaches me so much that I had no idea about – about Alessia, about who I am as an individual.

“We’re happy. We’re happy doing what we’re doing. And we just want to move on and live our post-lockdown lives in a normal way.”

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