Sydney for thrill seekers: Skydiving and other adrenaline-pumping activities in New South Wales

Divers must have an open water certification or higher. Depending on your diving experience and confidence, you can start cave diving from the deep side and exit from the shallow side or vice versa. Alternatively, if conditions are not suitable, divers may choose to dive outside the cave. All divers are accompanied and guided by experienced divers from the dive center.

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Australia has more than 20 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, including both natural and man-made architectural or cultural wonders. Of these, 13 are ancient works of natural wonders, so some appreciation is in order! Discover some of the world’s oldest environmental habitats as you embark on adventurous activities like abseiling, off-road driving, or traversing sand dunes in all-terrain vehicles.

1. Abseiling in Thredbo

At the heart of Kosciuszko National Park, one of NSW’s largest parks, in the Snowy Mountains lies the Thredbo region. Not only will you capture a full view of the stunning snow-capped mountains nearby, but the area also offers a wealth of flora and fauna that cannot be seen elsewhere.

Although the Thredbo area is best known for its slopes and winter sports, it is also home to many warm weather activities such as hiking and cross-country mountain biking. For the intrepid, abseiling (or abseiling) from the cliffs in the mountains surrounding Thredbo offers a kick rarely found elsewhere.

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