Take mesmerizing half-underwater photos with this special iPhone case

Here is an example of a split photo that the waterproof dome case will allow you to take with a smartphone.
Photo: SJPro

You know those cool photos that are half underwater and half above water? They are called split photos. And a new waterproof case on Kickstarter called SJPro Smartphone Mobile Mini Dome will let you take them with your iPhone, or almost any smartphone, for a $45 pledge.

Mini Dome Mobile Smartphone Waterproof Case

You can use the SJPro Smartphone Mobile Mini Dome Waterproof Case to take spectacular, underwater and underwater photos of subjects such as swimmers, surfers, boats and sea life. It’s a waterproof case with a small dome that sits over the cameras of a smartphone. The device’s designer, Israel-based SJPro, calls it a DomePort.

The dome is small and the case is lightweight, designed to work with any smartphone up to 7 inches (measured diagonally). This means that it works with iPhones as well as Androids.

SJPro Mobile Mini Dome Waterproof Smartphone Case
The Mobile Mini Dome waterproof case allows you to take pictures at the waterline or underwater.

Taking split shots using the case is simple, requiring no other specific equipment or application. To install the case, simply close the three clips on your smartphone. Open your favorite camera app and use it through your phone’s touchscreen in the water. SJPro said a patent is pending for features, including one that allows the touchscreen to work underwater.

According to the Kickstarter campaign, the waterproof case will also allow you to take underwater photos at depths of up to 6 meters.

When you commit to a reward tier ($45+), you get the Mini Dome Mobile Smartphone, Protective Pouch, and Floating Grip/Handle.

Price: $45

Where to engage: Starter

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