Teenager drives Infiniti G37X luxury sedan through swimming pool, divers collect car


It’s not quite the kind of infinity pool you would like to use in the scorching heat. But it turned out that an Infiniti car was parked in a backyard swimming pool in Colorado, USA, when a teenager accidentally drove the car there.

The incident took place last week in a neighborhood just off West Mississippi Avenue and west of South Wadsworth Boulevard. Videos and images have gone viral on social media of the Infiniti car housed in the pool.

The local fire team shared a video on Twitter showing the blue Infiniti car partially submerged in what appears to be a backyard swimming pool. The video also shows how his divers were commissioned to lift the car out of the water using machines.

The teenager who was behind the wheel is believed to have accidentally stepped on the accelerators instead of the brakes while trying to park the car. His mistake drove the car straight into the pool.

Fortunately, no one was injured in the incident. According to firefighters, the teenage driver and a passenger got out of the car unharmed. The teenage driver was released by officials with a stern warning for reckless driving. It is not known if he was old enough to be legally behind the wheels.

The incident caused a lot of laughter on social media, including authorities tasked with cleaning up the mess. “Getting in was probably a little easier than getting out,” West Metro Fire Rescue officials wrote on Twiiter. Lakewood Police shared footage of the submerged car saying, “Just for your information, the best line for that is ‘Check out our new Infiniti Pool.’ Another user wrote: “Take a look at our new Infiniti pool”, referring to the car model, Infiniti.

The car was then towed out of the pool and a video was shared by the fire crew of how this was done.

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