The Ice Hole Festival in Sioux Falls, South Dakota has been creating excitement and attracting flocks of divers for 5 years!

Meet Colonel Echols of Land Shark Scuba at Sioux Falls, they organized the first weekend of ice diving. Locals showed up to support the effort and mock crazed Texans willing to risk freezing on a -20F afternoon. Turns out the joke was that everyone was having so much fun and bonding while playing an extreme sport that a pact was made to repeat next year and the locals would take the plunge too .

Since then, the event has grown every year. It now attracts certified divers from Canada, Mexico, Florida, Arkansas, Texas, Illinoisand California. According to Thomas, “The unique nature of the environment really seems to appeal to southern divers who want to test their skills in a challenging environment.”

Richard Thomas explains: “The mission of the Ice Hole Dive Fest is to create a gathering of divers who want to expand their skills. Also, to foster working relationships with dive centers from all walks of life. North AmericaTo start a shop sponsors an Ice Diving Instructor. They are now considered a stakeholder. They can benefit from it every year because the infrastructure is already in place. more than reserving their space.

The added bonus is that these dive shops have the ability to collaborate on other events throughout the year. For example, Ocean Impact on Arkansas hosts a spearfishing tournament. Every year, other stores look forward to supporting this event – organized by justin sour. It allows stores that typically have a small gathering of local divers to show off the best they have to offer and build a larger audience. This grows the diving industry and has created what Richard likes to call a diving mafia. A collection of dive shop owners who are ready to share the spotlight and make sure their divers are the winners.

Thanks to a world-renowned and award-winning underwater photographer Tom Saint-Georges from Tulum, Mexicoeverything is documented through the lens of his camera.

This year there will be course directors from PADI and SDI ready to create new ice instructors. Outstanding support from PADI has helped grow the event in large part through Leroy Wickham. He has always supported the event. The end goal is that all scuba training agencies that wish to participate are represented.

Are you ready to step in and earn a place among the Ice Hole divers? All you need is a spirit of adventure and questionable judgement. The entry price for the event is $425.00. This includes transportation from the airport to the host hotel (The Hilton Garden Inn South Sioux Falls, SD), transportation to nearby Wall Lake where the event is taking place, and admission to the Friday night ice hole.

On Thursday and Friday there will be professional level training for any scuba instructors or assistants wishing to become ice diving instructors. All diving certifications cost $100. Saturday begins ice diving certifications and fun dives for previously trained ice divers. Sunday divers will complete their certification dives. For non-divers who wish to participate, we can provide diver tender training and shore support.

You can register online at You can also call the store at 972-416-8400. Divers requiring rental equipment, please call the store or email [email protected]. We have tanks at the event for those arriving by air. We can also supply a small number of underwear.

International diving in dallas provides scuba diving certifications for all experience levels, small classes, flexible hours, and year-round diving.

SOURCE International Diving

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