The new world doesn’t allow you to swim, but walking underwater is fine



Amazon’s New World PC MMO is one of the most popular games around, and players continue to discover more and learn some of the ins and outs of what’s possible. Players have now discovered that while New World doesn’t feature a swim mechanic, it allows characters to simply walk underwater, just like these undead pirates did in Pirates of the Caribbean.

PC Gamer reports that while most bodies of water in the New World are shallow enough to walk through, some are deep enough to swim. However, the game does not allow this, which is odd considering the game has a breath meter.

In sufficiently deep water, players can walk through the expanse of dark water as if they were standing on dry land. But don’t forget to come and get some air, because when the breath meter expires, you will die. Check out the animated GIF above to see the underwater walking animation in action.

In other news on video games and diving below the water’s surface, Microsoft’s Sea of ​​Thieves recently welcomed its fourth season, and underwater exploration is the focus.

After some delays, Amazon’s New World launched on September 28 on PC and is proving to be a success with over 700,000 concurrent users on Steam. The huge popularity of the game is causing server issues, and the developer is bringing more servers online and offering free transfers to compensate for the issues.

New World will remain a PC game exclusively for the “foreseeable future” before it potentially hits console. We also recently learned that New World doesn’t allow you to create a character with Bezos or Amazon in the name.

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