The New World won’t let you swim, but you can walk underwater


New World begins when you survive a shipwreck, so it’s a bit of a surprise that you don’t know the first thing about swimming. No one in Aeternum does. It’s surrounded by water and full of rivers and lakes, but you’ll never get a chance to go paddling.

While many MMOs have embraced aquatic life, there are still a few that like to keep things on land, like Star Wars: The Old Republic, which exclusively features bodies of water that only rise to the top. ‘at the ankles. And most of New Word’s rivers and ponds are also shallow.

Alright, the New World doesn’t have swimming, that’s good. Except that we have the impression that it was absolutely planned – there is even a blower! I accidentally encountered him when I crouched down instead of sheathing my gun, which put my head under water. There is apparently no reason for you to be able to squat while walking in water, but you can and you can drown.

There are some places where it’s too deep to keep your head above water, and this is where things get a little weird. You keep walking, as if you were going for an afternoon walk. Walking around this murky void – only briefly, to avoid drowning – feels a bit accidental, like when you stumble across the world and find yourself in places the developers never wanted you to see. But there is nothing of interest here.

New World has undergone a few changes, and it really feels like the ghost of a swimming system that never made the cut. Who knows, maybe there is some treasure hidden somewhere in the water. Or just a very wet death.

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