TOPODRONE markets the AQUAMAPPER underwater LiDAR survey tool

Swiss mapping, surveying and modeling technology company TOPODRONE showcased its AQUAMAPPER solution which adds underwater LiDAR and bathymetry capabilities to the company’s range of drone-carried data collection equipment.

TOPODRONE, based in Montreux, has developed its AQUAMAPPER device to provide detailed bathymetric data to clients working on marine projects, or those whose surveying or construction activities involve both ground at ground level and below ground level. sailors. When paired with the company’s LiDAR ULTRA platform, the AQUAMAPPER completes a comprehensive set of photogrammetry, LiDAR and bathymetry capabilities.

Once mounted on a drone, TOPDRONE claims that AQUAMAPPER will deliver efficient and accurate streams of various types of data at flight speeds of up to 14 km/h, rivaling traditional boat-based methods.

The company says the post-processed kinematics-ready solution is designed for use on DJI Matrice 300 RTK gear for surveys including – but not limited to – deep-sea bathymetries up to 100m deep. depth, quantity and calculation of sediments, and periodic maintenance of storage pools.

TOPODRONE provided AQUAMAPPER technology to a European Union-supported highway construction project in Romania that required surveys and the creation of a digital twin of the terrain at ground level and areas at the bottom of various road maps. water.

To prepare for the project, which involved the creation of seven tunnels, 24 bridges and 18 viaducts, the Romanian subsidiary of TOPODRONE flew AQUAMAPPER and LiDAR ULTRA tech aboard DJI Matrice 300 drones.

The latter product carried out bathymetric surveys of six different river crossings, while the latter was used to capture laser scan data at altitudes between 100 and 120 meters above rugged forest corridors 32 kilometers long. and 400 meters wide.

“The great advantage of TOPODRONE’s bathymetric equipment is that it captures riverbeds with centimeter precision, at high speed in fully automatic mode and without using a boat,” said Andrei Sueran, who worked on the project. using the AQUAMAPPER device for the Romanian subsidiary GRAPHEIN TOPO. “It allows us to work in hard-to-reach and shallow areas, and the same drone carrier can be used for LiDAR and bathymetric surveys. The combination of measurement systems (global navigation satellite) and inertial measurement enables accurate results after data post-processing, providing a new standard of accuracy, efficiency and flexibility.

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