TSU won 21 trophies in the All-Russian Underwater Sports Championship

The All-Russian Student Underwater Sports Competition was recently held in Krasnoyarsk. For the first time ever, the TSU team reached second place and won 20 individual medals: 6 gold, 8 silver and 6 bronze.

Swimmers from Moscow, Chelyabinsk, Ekaterinburg, Yaroslavl, Smolensk, Tomsk and Krasnoyarsk took part in the championship; among them were the current world champions and the winners of the 2021 International University Fin Swim competition held in Tomsk.

Alyona Parshina, a master’s student at the TSU Institute of Economics and Management, came first in 100m immersion and 50m “freediving”. Kirill Dobrynin (Law Institute) won a gold medal in the 50m with twin fins. TSU teams also won men’s and women’s 4Ñ…100m relays. The winners are Tatiana Prichinina, Inga Kurbatova, Ekaterina Kurnosova, Alena Parshina, Dmitri Berestov, Kirill Martynov, Stepan Kozlov and Ivan Baskakov. Anatoly Aleksevnin and Ilya Schibrik from the Faculty of Physical Education also won medals.

“The championship took place according to all safety rules regarding the pandemic, with 13 participating universities. Our entire team was present: eight swimmers and eight swimmers. Besides the individual winners, Bintang Vega Khoestiadi, Tatiana Kravchenko and Yulia Zakharova contributed to the team’s achievements, ”said Petr Timchenko, head coach of the SKATE TSU Fin Swim and Diving Club.

Bintang Vega Khoestiadi, a third year student at the Indonesian Institute of Economics and Management, started training SKATE upon enrolling at TSU in 2019. He started swimming at the age of six. , but started swimming with fins at TSU. In three years of his university life, he took part in nearly twenty competitions at various levels, particularly international ones.

“Bintang Vega Khoestiadi contributes a lot to the success of the team, he swims the longest distances. SKAT has become for him a place to improve his swimming skills, but also a place where he makes friends and can participate in the rhythm of university life ”, notes Anna Shevchik, head of the International Student Support Center.

2021 has been a special year for Tomsk’s fin swimmers and their supporters. In the summer, Tomsk hosted the XXI World Fins Swimming Championships and the 6th International University Fin Swimming Competition, where the TSU team took first place. The victories in Krasnoyarsk capped the end of the sporting year for TSU swimmers. The team must now prepare for the 2022 University Fist Swimming World Cup in Lignano, Italy.

Photos provided by SKATE TSU

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