Valheim player builds genius underwater tunnel

Unsatisfied with continually building bridges in the open world of Valheim, a player builds an awesome underwater tunnel that crosses a creek.

Iron Gate Studio continues to expand the early access base established by Valheim and players regularly come up with awesome creations in the vast open world of Valhalla. A Valheim player has decided to stop building bridges in favor of an incredible underwater tunnel that crosses a creek.

Reddit user Landtuber recently posted a Valheim clip in which they highlight an impressive structure they created on the edge of the deep ocean. Valheim players often go through multiple bases as they progress from the Stone Age to the Iron Age and beyond to reach more sophisticated tools created with increasingly greater durability. Since some iron bars are used for the underwater part of the tunnel, Landtuber at least reached the Iron Age by beating the second Valheim boss, elder, and mining sunken crypts in the swamp biome.


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Landtubers Valheim The video begins with the player showing the two entrances surrounding the flooded tunnel building before descending a flight of stairs and through a waterhole before being completely submerged under the ocean section. Once the tunnel reaches the lowest elevation, the Valheim the player is able to look through the iron bars on either side to see open water and schools of Valheim fish that can also be fished for more meat. The middle of Landtuber’s sunken tunnel features glass panels that don’t obstruct ocean views and could be easily broken to escape halfway through.

According to Landtuber, the “Free Place” Valheim The console command is important for finding the proper tunnel roof placement because using the default snap locations won’t work. Landtuber said the ideal height for the tunnel is two meters, and they recommend using stone for the floor and wood for the roof, but they also warned others Valheim stakeholders on the complexity of building such a tunnel. The tunnel is designed in a way that prevents stamina from depleting when the player crosses water as they normally would if swimming on the surface.

Even though this underwater tunnel begins at the edge of the ocean, none of ValheimSea snakes spawn close to the structure as it runs through a shallow area. Landtuber confirmed that players can bring a kart into the tunnel to transport resources back and forth, so they’re not limited to how much weight they can carry. A Valheim The player was quick to point out that until Iron Gate Studios adds a breathing mechanic for underwater travel to the game, a tunnel system may be ideal for watery seeds.

Valheim is now available for PC.

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