Video: Alligator court in Aransas National Wildlife Refuge


Here’s a “romantic” side to alligators that you don’t always see.

Two alligators put on a show at the Aransas National Wildlife Refuge when they chased each other through a swampy area in courtship display. Video was captured from an observation deck at the Texas Refuge along the Gulf of Mexico.

“Who knew alligators could be so romantic?” Aransas National Wildlife Refuge posted on Facebook.

The alligators swam among themselves before disappearing below the surface to “perform underwater bubble demonstrations”.

“She could have played a little harder to get !!” a Facebook user said.

“Skinny diving alligators,” commented another.

The peak breeding and nesting season of the American alligator is March through May, according to Texas Parks and Wildlife.

Female alligators build nests up to 6 feet wide and several feet high and lay eggs in the center, staying nearby while their male counterparts will occupy a range of up to 10 square miles, officials said. They usually lay more than 35 eggs, which take about two months to incubate.

Chacour Koop is a Kansas City-based real-time reporter. Previously, he reported for The Associated Press, the Galveston County Daily News and the Daily Herald in Chicago.

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